Grace United Church, Hillview

Reprinted from the book OUT OF OUR HEARTS  Churches of Newfoundland and Labrador; Published on the 180th Anniversary of the Newfoundland and Labrador District of the Canadian Bible Society 1992 by Good News Publications, Inc., St. John’s NL;  Edited by Gerald E. Benson

Grace United Church, Hillview

Methodism has a long and noble history in the Random area. Aunt Claris Vey remembers the Sunday the previous church building in Hillview was opened on a stormy day in January: “It had a slate roof and beautiful stained glass windows. It had a cathedral ceiling and was heated by a large wood stove and lit by kerosene lamps. The minister and the local doctor at the time was the Rev. Mr. Fendrick. He had dinner at my parents home in Queen’s Cove and arrived to open the church with the organist, Mrs. Elsie Benson, on a very stormy afternoon.” Mrs. Vey was the last organist of this church and played for the closing service. She remembers the service well and the hymns she played.

Close to this church, the body of Dr. Benson’s grandfather was interred in 1910, having been transported by boat from Benson’s Siding in North West Brook for burial in the Methodist churchyard. The church was under construction at the time.

The cornerstone for the present church was laid on June 12, 1977, during the tenure of Rev. Lewis Crewe. The stone was a gift from Cook’s Marble Works Ltd. and the organ which was borrowed from A. L. Collis & Sons was played by Mr. Ralph Roberts, chairman of Avalon Presbytery.

Grace United was dedicated on Sunday, March 5, 1978. The Rev. Naboth Winsor, President of the Newfoundland Conference, conducted the service. Ministers of the church at that time were the Rev. Stuart and Lillian Fraise, and the organist was Mrs. Claris Vey.

The present organist of Grace United is Mr. David Murley and the minister, Mr. Frederick Pike, who ministers to our 52 families.

Fred Pike