Elias Baker, who was the great grandson of John Baker of Heart’s Ease Beach, married Amelia Ann, daughter of Moses and Honor Spurrell (the first settlers to Butter Cove). Elias and Amelia Ann lived at Butter Cove for a while after their marriage. Several of their children were born there. Around 1885, they moved across Butter Cove arm to a place that later became known as Elias’, obviously named for Elias Baker. It was there that their daughter, Rebecca, was born in January of 1888. Elias’ and Amelia Ann’s sons, Elijah and John, later married and built their houses next door to their parents. Another son, Moses, married Lucy Spurrell of Butter Cove and they moved in with Elias and Amelia Ann. Moses and Lucy had seven children but only two, Robert and Nicholas, lived to adulthood. Following Lucy’s death of tuberculosis in 1914, Moses and his two surviving children moved in with his brother and sister-in-law, Elijah and Jessie Baker. Moses remarried two years later in 1916 to Susannah Drodge of Little Heart’s Ease. His brother John and wife, Edith Cramm of Hatchet Cove Point, had no children. They decided to move from Elias’ to Hatchet Cove Point around 1918. Moses and his family soon followed in 1920. It was around this time that Moses’ older brother, Elijah, moved to Goobies with his family. Thus, Lias’ ceased to exist as a settlement.

The families living at Elias’ were Church of England (Anglican). While living in Elias’ the children did not attend school. When Nicholas Baker was 11 years old he attended school for the first time at Hatchet Cove Point. School was open for just three months of the year and the children usually completed the equivalent of one grade in that time. Nicholas attended school for three months each year over the next three years and finished with a grade three education. He later married Edith Mae Baker of Caplin Cove, Trinity Bay and moved to Deer Lake where he raised his family. Nicholas died in 2009, just short of his 100th birthday. He lived a long life in comparison to five of his siblings who died very early in life. One sister, Catherine, survived only three hours after birth, Laura died the same day that she was born, Edmund lived less than a month, Honora lived less than two weeks and Mary Violet died at three months of age.


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