Island Cove

Isaac Smith and Robert Smith appear to be the first residents of Island Cove. They were the only two listed in the 1884 voters’ list for Island Cove. Neither one of them appeared in the earlier voters’ list for Random.

Robert and Emily Ann (nee Barrett) Smith moved their family from Bishop’s Cove, Conception Bay to Island Cove in late 1873. Their son Ebenezer was born on the way to Island Cove in November 1873.

Isaac and Elizabeth Smith were also from Bishop’s Cove. It is believed that Elizabeth was a sister to Robert’s wife, Emily Ann. Isaac and Elizabeth’s children were all born at Bishop’s Cove.

Horatio and Emma B (nee Higgins) Smith also made the move from Bishop’s Cove to Island Cove. All other newcomers to Island Cove had a connection to one of these three Smith families. At this time, we do not know the relationship, or if there is one, between Isaac, Robert and Horatio, other than the fact that they all came from Bishop’s Cove.

In 1884, according to the census records, there were 18 residents (four families) at Island Cove. There were: Isaac and Elizabeth Smith and their five children – Priscilla, Albert, Simon, Naomi and Mary; Robert and Emily Ann Smith and their four children – Lorenzo, Ebenezer, Jacob and Patience; Samuel (of Grates Cove) and Ann Maria (daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth) Holloway and their son Stephen; and, Horatio and Emma Smith (married at Hodge’s Cove on 3 December 1882). There were three houses at Island Cove in 1884 and one new house being built. There was one fishing room.

By 1901 the population of Island Cove was 34 residents in six families. The families were Samuel and Ann Maria Holloway and their children Stephen, Isaac, Mary Elizabeth, Eliza Jane, Alice; Horatio and Emma Smith and their children Isaac and Arthur William; Lorenzo and Emma Ann (nee Dodge) Smith and their children Leander, Stewart, Robert, Naomi; Robert and Emily Ann Smith and their children Ebenezer, Jacob and Patience; Albert and Phoebe (nee Froude) Smith and their children William, George, Miriam, and Alma; Simon and Maria (nee Whalen) Smith and their children Leah Jane, Edgar Henry, Isaac, and Mary. There were now six houses in the community, with one new house being built, and five fishing rooms. There was one sailing vessel and seven boats.

The population of Island Cove peaked in 1911 with 46 residents in seven families. There were six houses in the community and three new houses were being built. There was one school with 15 pupils and there was a sawmill. One vessel from Island Cove was engaged in the Labrador fishery with five men.

In 1921 there were 41 residents in five families living in five houses. There was one teacher and eight fishermen. One vessel was engaged in the Labrador fishery with eight men. In 1935 the population was 39 residents in eight families and in 1945 there were 35 residents in nine families – Simon Smith, Daniel Smith, George Smith, Henry Thomas Smith, Robert Smith, Jacob Smith, Lewis Spurrell (married Edna Frances Smith daughter of Jacob Smith), Arthur William Smith and Cyril Smith.

There were only two marriages recorded as taking place at Island Cove at the school chapel. The first one was on 19 May 1931 when Henry Thomas Smith, son of Albert Smith, married Mary Smith, daughter of Lorenzo Smith. The second and last marriage took place on 18 December 1958 when Stephen Ricketts, son of Benjamin Ricketts of Port Blandford, married Ann Maria Smith, daughter of Arthur Smith.

There were 18 adults listed at Island Cove in the 1948 voters’ list. The 1955 voters’ list listed the residents of Island Cove and Long Beach together under Long Beach. The last residents left Island Cove in August 1961 – four families moved to Clarenville and two families moved to Long Beach.


Note: This article is subject to further correction and revision.