From Island Cove …

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Emma (Dodge) Smith standing in her garden in Island Cove. (Photo courtesy Shelley Smith from her great Aunt Naomi (Emmie) Smith Gregory’s album.)

The house on the far left in this picture belonged to George and Amelia (Miller) Smith and the next house belonged to Thomas and Mary Smith. When Island Cove was resettled around 1961 (the last residents left in August 1961) these two houses were sold and floated to Hodge’s Cove. Hedley and Beulah (Whalen) Drover purchased George’s home and Josiah and Melvina Peddle purchased Tom’s home.




…to Hodge’s Cove

Houses on the beach in Hodge’s Cove (Photo courtesy Levi Churchill)

In this photo, you can see these two houses on the beach area in Hodge’s Cove. The one on the left was owned by Hedley and Beulah (Whalen) Drover and the one in the middle of the picture was owned by Josiah and Melvina Peddle.