Methodist Schools 1898

Report of Public Schools of Newfoundland
under Methodist Boards
for the year ended December 31, 1898

Random South District

Northern Bight – Registered 43, present 40 (May 27). School had a very capable and Grade mistress, and classes in all six Standards. Reading, Spelling and Writing throughout were satisfactory, but in Arithmetic and Grammar pupils needed more attention; but had been doing well under present mistress. A few answered fairly in Geography of N.F. and Europe. School property is unsuitable, and public spirit needs to be aroused to obtain a commodious and comfortable school-house. Teacher had been part of the year at Little Heart’s Ease.

St. Jone’s (Within) – Registered 23, present 18, (May 26). Teacher’s services for past educational year had been divided between this place, St. Jones (Without), and Hatchet Cove, in all of which her influence and efforts had been productive of excellent results, both in the school-room and throughout these and other small communities in this District, in which she, for the past eight years, has proved to be a social blessing. Singing and Recitation of Scripture Texts gave special satisfaction. Pupils were found in four Standards and all appeared in love with their work, and readily showed that both they and their teacher had made good use of their time and opportunity. School-house was neat and comfortable.

Lee Bight – A very nice little school-chapel had been completed here and it is hoped that the friends concerned will now make special effort to maintain a school in this settlement for a part of the year at least.

Special difficulties are doubtless experienced by this Board in providing means of education for so many small settlements in this District, but by earnest and united effort, I trust they will soon be able to employ one or two more qualified teachers, to overtake more fully its pressing demands.

General Statistics for year ended June 30, 1898

Community Teacher Pupils under 5 Pupils between 5 and 15 Pupils over 15 Number of boys Number of girls Total pupils Times the school has been opened. Average attendance
Northern Bight Minnie Ellsworth 1 48 2 22 29 51 241 36
Heart’s Ease Minnie Ellsworth 18 12 6 18 128 12
St. Jones, without Sophia Lamb 10 3 7 10 80 8
St. Jones, within Sophia Lamb 17 1 8 10 18 178 18
Hatchet Cove Sophia Lamb 8 4 4 8 160 8


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, August 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.