Church of England Schools 1897

Report of Public Schools of Newfoundland
under Church of England Boards
for the year ended 31 December 1897

District of Random

Visitation and Inspection:
This District is hard to manage educationally. It is too extensive, embracing the two Random Arms and the whole of Smith’s Sound, and the members find it extremely inconvenient to meet at Heart’s Ease. The solution of the difficulty is a division of the District into two, and this will be accomplished as soon as present obligations of the Board are discharged.

There were five schools operated under the board for a part of the year only, with an attendance of one hundred and eighteen, and an average of seventy-five.

The teachers employed each teaches two schools, so that as many settlements receive attention as funds will permit. In addition to these five schools of the Board, there were two maintained by the C.C. and C.S. with an attendance of seventy-two, and an average of forty-one. The District is fairly well supplied, the chief difficulty being to find teachers willing to remove from place to place on small salaries.

General Statistics for year ended June 30, 1897:

Community Teacher Pupils under 5 Pupils between 5 and 15 Pupils over 15 Number of boys Number of girls Total pupils Times the school has been opened. Average attendance
Heart’s Ease Agnes Dawe 28 13 15 28 210 24
Hodge’s Cove Emma Tucker 23 9 14 23 112 23
Long Beach Emma Tucker 2 17 6 13 19 259 11
White Rock Lilian Stone 24 1 13 12 25 124 10
Rocky Brook 1 15 3 9 10 19 117 7


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, August 2014

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