Church of England Schools 1904

Report of Public Schools of Newfoundland
under Church of England Boards
for the year ended December 31, 1904

District of Random

Random extends from Centre Cove to Hatcher’s Cove.
Board of Education: Rev. A.E. Tulk, Chairman; John Vey, Simon Smith, Samuel Green, Stephen Smith, William Balsom, James Dodge
Population 591; Grant $283.53

Visitation and Inspection:
Five schools taught by two teachers each in periods proportionate to its population were opened in this district with an attendance of one hundred and fourteen, one half of whom were not beyond Standards I and II. Owing to the number of settlements in this Sound it is often a puzzle how to serve their people to the best advantage. The best is done that can be devised.

General Statistics for year ended June 30, 1904

Community Teacher Pupils under 5 Pupils between 5 and 15 Pupils over 15 Number of boys Number of girls Total pupils Times the school has been opened. Average attendance
Hearts’ Ease D. Balsom 2 33 1 16 20 36 394 21
Hodge’s Cove D. Balsom
Northern Bight Edith White 5 30 21 14 35 130 20
Long Beach Edith White 22 3 12 13 25 203 14
Island Cove Edith White 12 7 5 12 88 10


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, August 2014

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