Church of England Schools 1893

Report of Public Schools of Newfoundland
under Church of England Boards
for the year ended December 31, 1893
District of Random

Visitation and Inspection:

Heart’s Ease – Present, nineteen out of twenty registered. This school is well managed, and the children acquitted themselves with credit. It is due to the former teacher, Miss Purchase, to say the condition of the school is to be attributed to her.

Hodge’s Cove- The teacher at this place, who had taught for some time without grade, came to St. John’s, and, after a limited course of training, returned to take charge of the school at Burgoyne’s Cove with third grade certificate.

Long Beach – School kept here for winter only.

White Rock – The same remarks apply here as to the last-named place.

Lance Cove and Rocky Brook – Two schools kept by one teacher in alternate weeks, the only arrangement possible with the means at the disposal of the Board. At Lance Cove I found twenty-eight children who were well advanced in the three R’s. The writing in exercise and copy books was by creditable.

General Statistics:


Community Teacher Pupils under 5 Pupils between 5 and 15 Pupils over 15 Number of boys Number of girls Total pupils Times the school has been opened. Average attendance
Heart’s Ease Jennie Purchase 2 29 2 19 14 33 376 23
Hodge’s Cove Isabella Pitcher 3 26 17 12 29 380 20
Long Beach M.A. Vey 5 14 7 12 19 114 15
White Rock Noah Gardner 8 20 5 21 12 33 182 18
Rocky Brook and Lance Cove Edw. Gardner 14 16 5 16 19 35 402 24


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, August 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.