Interviews / Videos

1.  Doreen (Johnson) Avery, Hillview

Doreen Johnson was born in County Durham, England. In 1945 she married Nicholas Avery of Hillview, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, who was serving with the Royal Navy during World War II. In 1946 she came to Newfoundland as a war bride. She and Nicholas settled in Hillview where they raised two children. Doreen was head over the post office in Hillview for many years. She is now widowed, but continues to live in her own home in Hillview.


2.  Emma (Avery) Drodge, Caplin Cove

Emma was born in 1929 in Long Beach, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland to Alfred and Sarah Avery. Emma married Clifford Drodge of Caplin Cove, Trinity Bay and moved to that community where she still resides today. Emma had a teaching career which spanned 35 years.


3.  William Thomas Flynn, Little Heart’s Ease

William Thomas Flynn of King’s Cove, B.B. married Margaret Seward of Gooseberry Cove. This interview was printed in a book on Agriculture in Newfoundland.


4.  George Seward, Gooseberry Cove

George was born in 1919 in Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland to Obadiah and Jessie Seward. In 1943 he married Nellie Hoskins of Britannia, Newfoundland. George and Nellie had 12 children of which 11 lived to adulthood. George and Nellie continue to live in their own home in Gooseberry Cove.


5.  Jane (Spurrell) Seward, Gooseberry Cove (Revised)

Jane was born in 1920  in Butter Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland to Edward and Keziah Spurrell. In 1943 she married Ernest Seward of Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay. Jane (Janie) and Ernest (Fink) raised 10 children in Gooseberry Cove. Janie is now widowed and at the age of 94 years she continues to live in her own home.

(Note: This video has been revised as the original was missing a section at the beginning. The old video had 587 views)


6. Hubert Smith, Southport

Interview with Hubert Smith by his son Brent Smith about growing up in Southport. The video includes some wonderful stories and photos from the 30s, 40s and 50s.


7.  Marjorie (Peddle) Smith, Hodge’s Cove

Marjorie was born in Hillview, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland in 1922 to Caleb and Agnes Peddle. She was one of four children, of which two died in childhood. In 1942, Marjorie married Stephen, the son of Isaac and Joanna Smith of Hodge’s Cove. Marjorie and Stephen raised eight children in Hodge’s Cove. Marjorie is now 92 years and still lives in her own home.


8.  Mildred (Smith) Whalen, North West Brook

Mildred was born in 1926 in Island Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland to William and Sarah Smith. In 1944 she married Frank Whalen of Caplin Cove, Trinity Bay. Frank served with the Newfoundland Forestry Unit during World War II. A majority of Mildred’s and Frank’s working life was spent in St. John’s where Mildred ran a boarding house and Frank operated a taxi service from St. John’s to Southwest Arm. They raised seven children. After retirement Mildred and Frank moved to Northwest Brook. Frank passed away in 2014. Mildred continues to live in her own home.


9.  Square dance held during our Heritage Day, Hillview, September 12, 2015


10. Orange Lodge Parade

Orange Lodge parade that marched on The Point (Little Heart’s Ease) sometime during the 70’s. Original taped by George Martin and digitized by his grand daughter, Crystal Martin.


11.  90th Anniversary of the Loyal Orange Lodge 141

Recorded at the Little Hearts Ease United Church in 1998 by George Martin and digitized by his grand daughter, Crystal Martin.


12. Christmas Parades in Southwest Arm:

Originally recorded by George Martin and digitized by his grand daughter, Crystal Martin.


13. The Offspring of Matilda French and Joseph Stringer – on the occasion of a Family Reunion 2017, Hodge’s Cove, NL by Andrea Drodge.