Schooners of Southwest Arm

Compiled by Wanda Garrett, November 2014

Name of Vessel  
A. DAVIS Billy Barfitt
ADVENT 1) Albert Smith, Hodge’s Cove
2) Josiah Stringer, Little Heart’s Ease
AGNES JANE Eli Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
AILEEN E.G. TUCKER 1) Silas Tucker, St. Jones Within
2) Allan Tucker
ALCALA Ralph Smith, Hodge’s Cove
ALFREDA Josiah Peddle
ANNETTA LOVETTA 1) William James Vey, Hillview
2) Guy King
3)Bill King
ALICE William Peddle
ALICE William Drover
ALRIGHT William J. Stoyles, Hillview
ANNIE George Shaw
ANNIE John Vey, Long Beach
ANNIE B John Spurrell
ANNIE M.K. William Vey, Long Beach
ANNIE S. CLARK 1) Bill Whalen
2) Moses Martin
ARGOSY James Styles, Northern Bight
ARGOSY Moses Smith, Random Sound
AUDREY DIANE CROSBIE Herbert John Vey, Long Beach
AVALANCHE Nehemiah Frost, Northern Bight
BALAENA Moses Tilley, Random Sound
BANQUET Martin J. Seward, Gooseberry Cove
BENDIGO Abe Avery, Long Beach
BESSIE H. John Tucker, St. Jones Within
BRITISH EMPIRE 1) Alfred Vey, Long Beach
2)Simeon Vey, Long Beach
CABOT CONTENT George Barfitt, Random Sound
CACTUS Eucleus Lambert, Southport
CLARINA 1) Eldon Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
2) William Whalen, Little Heart’s Ease
COLD STORAGE Guy King, St. Jones Within
CYCLOPEDIA William Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
D.V. GUY Mr. Drodge, Random
DAISY Walter Shaw
DOROTHY ADAMS Eldon Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
DOROTHY BERYL Allan Tucker, St. Jones Within
DELCIE ADA William Vey, Long Beach
DREADNOUGHT David Benson, Random
E. TURNER Titus Spurrell, Little Heart’s Ease
EDWARD VII Wilson Vey, Long Beach
ELDON JOHN RUSSELL  –  see ANNIE S. CLARK Moses Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
ELDON LEWIS Lewis Spurrell, Clarenville
ELEANOR E. Eli Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
ELIZABETH William Hiscock
EMERALD Alfred Vey, Long Beach
EMMA JANE Thomas Gosse, Random Sound
EMPIRE Isaac J. Smith and Taylor Robbins
ENA AND GLORIA Ernest Seward
EVELYN John Norris, Little Heart’s Ease
EXOTIC William H. Smith, Hodge’s Cove
FIVE BROTHERS Eliol Balsom (1872-1924)
FLORA Seth Stoyles, Hillview
FLORA MCKIVER Wilson Vey, Long Beach
FLORENCE Moses Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
FRONIE MYRTLE William Whalen
GANNET Isaac J. Smith, Hodge’s Cove
GARY & GERALDINE Kenneth Benson
GEORGE WILLIAM FREDERICK Moses Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
H.F. WILSON 1) William Peddle
2) Herbert J. Vey, Long Beach
3) Hayward Vey, Long Beach
H.J. BAILEY Barfitts, Long Beach
HAPPY HOME Samuel Drover
HAROLD D Lorenzo Smith, Island Cove
HARRIES John Vey, Long Beach
HAZEL M. Theophilus Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
HILDA BLANCHE Harry Norris, Little Heart’s Ease
HUBERT BRIAN Ken Smith, Southport
HUBERT G. SMITH 1) Kenneth Smith, Southport
2) Ralph Smith
3) Eli Tucker, St. Jones Within
HUNTER 1) Leander Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
2) William Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
HYPATIA John Vey, Long Beach
I.M.P. Built in Caplin Cove by John T. Drodge
I AM ALONE SECOND Eldon Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
INTREPID Joseph Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
IVY B. MELVIN William H. Drodge
IVY FRANCIS DRODGE Eli Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
JAMES AND MARY HAYDEN 1) Edward Spurrell, Butter Cove
2) Stewart Drodge, Caplin Cove
JAMES SPURRELL 1) James Spurrell, Little Heart’s Ease
2) Titus Spurrell, Butter Cove
JAP Tom Whalen, Caplin Cove
JACK TAR 1) William T. Hillyard, St. Jones Without
2) Dave Stoyles, Hillview
JANE William Vey, Long Beach
J.G. BAILEY 1) Stephen Barfitt, Long Beach
2) Billy Barfitt, Long Beach
3) Wilson Vey, Long Beach
JIM Dave Stoyles, Hillview
JESSIE Joseph Drodge, Random Sound
JESSIE AND BEATRICE Mr. Green, St. Jones Without
JENNIE FLORENCE James Stoyles, Hillview
1) George Barfitt, Long Beach
2) Stephen Barfitt, Long Beach
3) Silas Tucker
JOYCE E. SHIRLEY Mr. Batten, St. Jones Within
LABURNUM Caleb Peddle
LAUREL William Drover, Hodge’s Cove
LILY Kenneth Smith, Southport
LILY 1) Nicholas Vey, Long Beach
2) Jacob and Albert Smith
LILLY DALE James Drover, Hodge’s Cove
LINDA TIBBO Tom Whalen, Caplin Cove
LITTLE GEM John Vey, Long Beach
LIZZIE S. Martin Seward
LIZZIE SARAH Eli Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
LLEWELLYN John Vey, Long Beach
LORNA & IVAN Harold King
LOUISE Edmund Seward
LOUISE E. CHURCHILL 1) Simeon Vey, Long Beach
2) Weldon Vey, Long Beach
3) Cecil Vey, Long Beach
LOUIS FRANCIS Llewellyn Barfitt, Long Beach
MARY MALONE Llewellyn Barfitt, Long Beach
M. P. RYAN Tom Whalen, Caplin Cove
MABLE Tom Whalen, Caplin Cove
MAGGIE STONE Tom Whalen, Caplin Cove
MAJESTIC Abraham Peddle
MARCIE DRODGE Eli Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
MARGARET ANN David Jacobs, Little Heart’s Ease
MARGARET ANN SMITH Moses Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
MARGUERITE TANNER Mercer and Green, Clarenville
Ralph Smith, Captain
MARIGOLD Richard Martin
MARION Jacob Smith
MARION Jacob Smith
MARY ANN SMITH Moses Martin, Random
MARY ELLEN J. Smith, Long Beach
MARY F Sam Bishop, Hatchet Cove
MARY KATE William James Vey, Hillview
MARY G Jacob and Albert Smith, Hodges Cove
MAY QUEEN John Shaw, Little Heart’s Ease
MELBA George Vey, Long Beach
MINNIE John Vey, Long Beach
MIMIE MATILDA John Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
MINNIE PEARCE Edward Spurrell
MURIEL MAXWELL Mr. Whalen, Little Heart’s Ease
NIMBUS Robert Seward, Heart’s Ease
NORMA & GLADYS Allan Tucker, St. Jones Within
NORTH STAR William Smith, Random  Sound
OLGA M NETA Barnett Spurrell, Little Heart’s Ease
ORION Edmund Seward
PETUNIA Dave Stoyles, Hillview
PHENESTRAL Tom Stringer, Little Heart’s Ease
PIONEER George Norris, Little Heart’s Ease
POPPY James or Robert Gosse, Long Beach
PRIMROSE Bernard Martin, Heart’s Ease
PROWL 1) Stephen Smith, Hodge’s Cove
2) Will Smith, Hodge’s Cove
3) Edward Spurrell, Butter Cove
QUEEN VICTORIA Edmund Seward, Gooseberry Cove
R.A. SQUIRES 1) Adam Green
2) Gordon Banton, St. Jones Within
R. GRENVILLE 1) George Vey, Long Beach
2)  William Whalen, Little Heart’s Ease
RALEIGH Caleb Meadus, Loreburn
RODDICKTON Eli Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease
ROYAL BLUE Robert Gosse, Long Beach
ROYAL HUNTRESS Stephen Barfitt, Long Beach
ROYAL OAK Nicholas Vey, Long Beach
RUBY AND NELLIE Newman Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
RUBY L.M. SMITH 1) Silas Tucker, St. Jones Within
2) Isaac Smith, Island Cove
S.C. BROWN Bert King, Little Heart’s Ease
SAFFRON Leander PeddleWilliam Peddle
SAGACITY William Hiscock
SARAH FRANCIS Kenneth Smith, Southport
SARDECUS John Spurrell
SEVEN BROTHERS Dan Shaw, Little Heart’s Ease
SILVER CLOUD Samuel Drover, Hodge’s Cove
SILVER SPRAY 1) John Vey, Long Beach
2) George Vey, Long Beach
SPOON WRIGHT 1) Titus Spurrell, Little Heart’s Ease
2) Barnet Spurrell
ST. JOSEPH 1) George Cooper and Richard Loder, Hillview
2) Simeon Stringer, Little Heart’s Ease
SUNBEAM 1) James Drover, Hodge’s Cove
2) Keida Meadus, Loreburn
3) Edward Spurrell, Butter Cove
SUNFLOWER John Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
SYBIL James Vey (sr.)
THE SISTERS Jacob Higgins
TUGELA William Frost, Random Sound
TWILIGHT Ebenezer Smith, Island Cove
VERA CORA & CLYDE Hubert Meadus, Loreburn
W.J. ELLISON Dave Stoyles, Hillview
W.J. GUY 1) Ches Dodge, Little Heart’s Ease
2) Albert Stoyles, Hillview
WELLINGTON John Norris, Little Heart’s Ease
WESTERN WIND Alphonsus Seward
WILD BRIAR Samuel Drover, Hodge’s Cove
WILD FIRE Heber King, St. Jones Within
WILLIE MARTIN Moses Martin, Little Heart’s Ease
WILFRED AND LINDO Mr. Meadus, Loreburn
WILLIAM Edmund Seward, Fox Harbour
WOODEN HEART 1) Percy Brown, Little Harbour East
2) Stewart Marsh
3) Ern Marsh
X 10 U 8 Nehemiah Frost, Random Sound
 ZENO  Lorenzo Smith, Island Cove


Note: This is a partial list and it will continue to grow.

Updated: Feburary 27, 2015


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