Horses of Hatchet Cove

Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Phil Jack Bishop 800 lb., black Lively!! purchased in Carbonear; used to run the mail
  Willie George Bishop 700 lb., black Bought from a Vey in Long Beach?
  Eliab Blubdon 1200 lb., black balky
Lindsay George Blundon 800 lb., black Bought from Guy King
Beaut Johnny Brown 900 lb., black Bought from Jim Langdon, Hodge’s Cove
Prince Albert Lambert 900 lb., dark red Bought off Ben Critch, Hillview
Jennie Clayton Lambert 800 lb., red Bought in Cannings Cove
  Don Lambert 600 lb., Bought for $10.00 from Raymond Jacobs, Clarenville
Goldie George Lambert 2000+ lb., Belgian Bought from Albert Wareham
Prince Harrison Lambert 1200 lb., red Bought off Bowaters; foal from a lumberwoods mare; one of four horses killed when hit by a Volkswagen on the T.C.H. near Hillview
Molly Harrison Lambert 1200 lb., black A foal of Nath Smith’s Molly; bought from Nath; later sold to ? Avery, Deep Bight
Chance Malc Lambert 1200 lb., red  
Sandy Nelson Lambert 1000 lb., red Bought off Eric Crocker, Swift Current
Queen Wesley Lambert 900 lb., black Bought in Mackinsons
  Harv & Merlin Price 450 lb, black  
Liz Ben Robbins 1200 lb., red Bought off Allan Avery, Deep Bight. It had been used in the lumberwoods in Central Newfoundland. Later, it was sold to Lawrence Hillyard of St. Jones Within.


George Robbins 



550 lb., white Bought from Paddy Seward, Gooseberry Cove; walked to Island Cove; shipped by Ike Smith’s motor boat across the Arm to Hatchet Cove
Captain George Robbins 600 lb., black Bought from Bela Squires St. Jones Within; later sold to Malc Lambert
Sambo George Robbins 600 lb., red Bought from Dave Stoyles
Dandy George Robbins 1000 lb., red Bought from a man in St. John;s who imported horses to sell; it was later traded it to Steve Robbins; had the peculiar habit of stopping as it would come to a gate by a house … found out that it had been used in St. John’s on a milk delivery run, where it would need to stop for the bottle(s) of milk to be dropped off at that house
Barry George Robbins 750 lb., white A small Clydesdale, got in a horse trade from Steve Robbins who had earlier bought it from Bert Frost, Hillview; followed all directions (whoa, back, go on, etc.) perfectly; was great at pulling plough in potato garden; later sold it to Ches Smith, Hodge’s Cove
Bonita Jack & Ben Robbins 1200 lb., red A high-spirited mare bought in St. John’s. It stogged and perished in a bog between Hatchet Cove and St. Jones Within
Kit Taylor Robbins 900 lb., red Bought in Torbay; stogged in bog near where Brookside Golf Course is today, and perished.
Dandy Taylor Robbins 800 lb., white Bought from Dave Stoyles, Hillview
Max Tom Robbins 700 lb., red Saucy; the only horse he ever had …. used it a long time
Pet Ben Robbins 900 lb., red Bought in Conception Bay
Dandy Steve Robbins 1000 lb., dark red Bought from a Frost in Hillview?; perished after a fence rail punctured its stomach
Phil Nath Smith 800 lb., black From the same mare as Jack Bishop’s Phil
Harry Nath Smith   Molly’s foal
Kit Nath Smith 900 lb., red Same one as Taylor Robbins’
Molly Nath Smith 1400 lb., black Bought in Glenwood; had been used in the lumberwoods there
Molly Roy Smith 1400 lb., black Bought off Bowaters in Indian Bay