Horses of Hillview

Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Yvonne Dave Benson 800 lb., reddish lively
Nellie   600 lb., white Drowned; went through the ice off Hillview
Bessie   1200 lb., light brown Clydesdale; bought in Benton, NL in the mid-1950’s; sold in the mid-1960’s. Bes was a loving and pleasant horse. She was shared by the family (Thomas Benson, David Benson, Alex Baker). My memories of Bess take me back to Christmas. Every Christmas my family would borrow Bess to go to cut the Christmas tree. It was an enjoyable day of fun, horse riding, boil up and cutting the perfect tree. Bess loved apples which we picked for her in the fall. She looked forward to her treats every hour and all the leftovers at the end of the day.
Belle James Churchill 800 lb., black  
  Ben Critch white Bought from Lawrence Adey of Adeytown
  Levi Frost Pinto, 1000 Sold to Ezekiel Smith, Hodge’s Cove
Lindo Walter Frost 700 lb., brown fast
Don Wm. J. Frost 1000 lb., reddish brown Bought from Dave Stoyles of Hillview; this was the horse that Richard Loder of Hillview was killed on (his son Eugene was with him at the time) when hauling mail from the train station at Northern Bight Station.
Tim Gordon Howse 2000+ lb., buckskin Brought home from lumberwoods in Central Newfoundland
Queen Edmund Allan Lambert    
Nell Art Sheppard White  
King Ben Smith 650 lb., brown Bought from Hughie Sheppard in Sunnyside
Belmont Isaac “Ike” Smith Black  
Max Alf Stoyles 600 lb., black  
Dot Dave Stoyles 800 lb., red A pacer
Queen   800 lb., black fast
Bon Will Stoyles 1000 lb., red  
  Kenneth Churchill    
Blackie Uriah Churchil    
Star Uriah Churchill    Star was named because of the white spot just above his eyes.  It is believed that Star was killed by the train near where Churchill’s Mill was located.