Horses of Hodge’s Cove

Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Darkie Tom Baker 400 lb., black Balky; sold to Gilbert Stringer, Hodge’s Cove
Queen Tom Baker 900 lb., brown Often had bad case of lampers
Captain Tom & John Baker (bro’s.) 600 lb., white Used to kick!
Star Dan Balsom   “My grandfather (Dan Balsom) had a horse named Star. She was all white and she too was used for hauling wood. I remember one weekend when we were “around the bay” he received a call from someone about a horse that was sick and laying on the ground beside the cemetery fence out on the Point. Dad (Jim Pittman) drove him down there to take a look and sure enough it was his horse. They had to put her down. They took her body to House Cove and buried her there. (Shelly Rivard)
Foal from Lewis Seward’s Moll
Molly John Butt 450 lb., brown  
Floss John Butt   Used by him and the Hiscocks, his wife’s people; balky
Molly Caleb Churchill    
Prince Clayton Churchill  white  
Bill John Churchill 350 lb., grey Traded to someone (?) for a cow
Perished one winter … John’s sons Cale and George hand-catted 4000 rind-sticks from Dodge’s Mash out to Hodge’s Cove Beach (for schooner pick up)
Trix Walt & Ned Curtis 1000 lb., black  
Nelson Walt & Ned Curtis 600 lb., white  
Prince Albert Drover 600 lb., red  
Beauty Ches Drover White Foal of Trix, Jake Smith’s mare
Roy Ches Drover    
Queen Eloil Drover 700 lb., black Used to jump fences; needed to have a yoke around her neck; sold to Willis Spurrell, Butter Cove
Bell Jim Drover    
  Joe Drover Small brown  
Duke Walt Drover grey  
  Obediah Higgins   Small pony
Beaut Jim Langdon 900 lb., black Bought from Johnny Brown, Hatchet Cove
Frank Jim Langdon 600 lb., white  
Jack Abijah Peddle 400 lb., red Bought from Bram Smith; foal from Jenny
  Alex Peddle, Sr.    
Traveler Andrew Peddle, Sr. 500 lb., red Gen. Lee’s horses name; a foal from Bram Smith’s mare Jenny?
Nell Archer Peddle    
Pinky Caleb Peddle 350 lb., black  
Bon Eugene Peddle 600 lb., red Quiet, obedient, gentle; hauled “dozens” of coffins to the cemetery
Patsy Joe Peddle   Newfoundland pony
Harry Harvey Peddle 400 lb., white  
Phil Leander/Burt Peddle 500 lb., black  
Brandy Mark Peddle 600 lb., black  
Scott Max Peddle 500 lb., white While he was in the Forestry overseas (1940-45), horse was used by his brother-in-law Jake Smith
Smoky Norman Peddle    
Molly Ralph Peddle 400 lb., red Foal of Bram Smith’s mare Jenny?
Spray Wallace Peddle 500 lb., white Bought from Eric Stringer, Caplin Cove?
Kit William Peddle, Sr. 500 lb., black  
  William Peddle, Sr.    
Patsy Wm. John Peddle    
Clyde Wm. John Peddle   a tall, light brown horse with a white star on his forehead. Dad sold her to someone in St. Jones’ Within around 1955.
Molly Lewis Seward 500 lb., brown Bought from Abe Avery, Hillview
Frank Lewis Seward Light brown  
  Nathan Seward, Sr.   A foal from Comet, Cliff Stringer’s mare; died at L. H. Ease Pond; bought by Ches Lethbridge for Nathan
Prince Abe Smith 1000 lb., red saucy
Bob Abe Smith 400 lb., dark brown Used to jump fences
Bill Smith brothers, sr. – Albert & Jacob and Tom et al 600 lb., red Narrow white stripe down from forehead to nose;bought from Charles Howse, Hillview
Jenny Bram Smith 550 lb., black  
Don Bram Smith 400 lb., red A foal of Jenny’s; sold to cousin Ezekiel Smith, who later sold it to his brother Jake
Jack Bram Smith 400 lb., red A foal of Jenny’s; sold to Abijah Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
Smiley Bram Smith 850 lb., black Bought from Abel Hann, Alexander Bay
Robin Bram Smith 500 lb., black  
Barry Ches Smith 750 lb., white Bought from Ben Robbins, Hatchet Cove (see Hatchet Cove)
Queen Ches Smith   Fast horse; Bought from Jim Lang(don), Hodge’s Cove; later sold to Jim Howse, Bay Roberts
Jerry Ches Smith and George Churchill 1500lb., grey A lumberwoods horse bought in Glenwood; used in Inglewood to haul pulpwood to Random Sound for booming to Clarenville for shipping; bought by Ches Smith & George and used at Hodge’s Cove for a few years, then sold to ??
Expo Eliab Smith Black, 500 lb. Expo was the second foal from Jake Smith’s horse Trix. Expo could be a difficult horse at times Sold to Jim House from Corey’s Point; it jumped a fence out onto the road – the other horses followed Expo. A tractor trailer came along and wiped the four horses out.
Doll Ezekiel Smith 1100 lb., pinto Bought from Levi Frost
Terry Isaac John (& sons, Roland & Harold) Smith 700 lb., red A foal of Moll’sWas ‘dispatched’ c.1968
Molly Isaac John (& sons, Roland & Harold) Smith 800 lb., dark brown  
Ruby Jake Smith, Jr. 500 lb., red Bought from Jim Howse
Don Jake Smith, Jr. 600 lb., dark red (see Bram Smith above)
Trix Jake Smith, Jr. 1000 lb., red Bought from Bob Morris, Upper Island Cove
Bun Nath Smith 800 lb., grey Bought from Sim Seward, Gooseberry Cove
  Norman Smith    
Molly Ralph Smith 550 lb., brown Bought at Gin Cove, T. Bay; sold to Eldred Stringer, Hodge’s Cove?
Roxie Tom Smith 700 lb., white  
Captain? Will Smith 700 lb., white  
Dandy Herbert Spurrell 400 lb. I remember the horse that we had his name was (Dandy) that horse was like another child in our house,as mom would say”dad got the horse made like he is” but really he was very smart, he would come in the port has all the time anything eatable it was gone, one time mom gave me a pancake and I went out around the corner of the house and there he was, he cornered me back to the corner of the house and took the pancake right out of my hand, most important dad taught the world of him and he liked dad, dad went in the woods one day for a load of wood, he was gone too long for mom,s likening then we heard dandy whinnying looked out the kitchen window and there he was with a load of wood and dad lying across the wood, dad said he fell and the load of wood some how came down on top of him breaking his ribs, dandy stayed with him until he got the sled up and he got up and brought him right to the house, some of your fathers would know all about this, now a dog is not only a man’s best friend so is a horse lol! (Elsie)Dandy had a good buddy Old Bill. Dandy could open any gate and when he did he held it open for his buddy and then slammed it close again. I swear  he had a smile on his face as he an Old Bill looked out at the other horses. Happened many times. Don’t believe me ask Bill Spurrell. (Levi)
Gert Cliff & Harry, and father Joseph) Stringer 700 lb., black Pacer; one of the faster horses around
Comet Cliff Stringer Reddish brown A foal of Gert’s. She would knock at the door for molasses bread
Thumder Cyril Stringer    
Trigger Edgar Stringer 400 lb., drk. brown Foal from Lewis Seward’s Moll
Bride Eldred Stringer 500 lb., black  
Molly Eldred Stringer 500 lb., brown Bought from Ralph Smith, Hodge’s Cove
Shine Eldred Stringer 450 lb., grey  
Star Eldred Stringer 500 lb., brown  
Jack Eliab & John Stringer 500 lb., dark brown  
Charlie Eliab Stringer    
Darkie Gilbert Stringer 400 lb., black Bought from Tom Baker; balky!
Scott John Stringer 400 lb., brown Later sold to brother Eliab
  Joseph Stringer 400 lb., white  
Bon Lester Stringer 500 lb., grey  
Flash Samuel/Cecil 700 lb., red fast
Bon George Thomas 500 ld., brown Got down in a crack in a cliff .. cracked off one leg; had to be put down; buried near Johnny Baker’s Mash in Hodge’s Cove
Lass George Thomas 900 lb., red Saucy; balky; bought from ?? Eddy, North Harbour, P. Bay
June Ron Thomas 250 lb., reddish brown A foal from Cale Churchill, Hodge’s Cove
Bill Willis Thomas 850 lbs., black Bought in Clarke’s Beach; shipped on train to Northern Bight Station; (with bak over its head, so it wouldn’t know where to ‘back-track’, it was walked down to Hodge’s Cove
Nell Willis Thomas 400 lbs., white When Willis lived out on the beach, he was hauling a load of wood with Nell out over the pond, when she went through the ice; he somehow got her back up on the ice, took her out to his kitchen and “goodied her up again”.
Barry Willis Thomas 800 lb., white Bought from Ches Smith, Hodge’s Cove; used at times to pull cartful of gravel when local roads were being built. old to ?? in Hatchet Cove?
Old Dot     Gertrude Drover on the family horse