Horses of Queen’s Cove


Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Prince Andrew Butt and son George 800 lb., gray Bought in St. John’s
Molly Andrew Butt and son George 1100 lb., light red


?? Andrew Butt and son George Often had colic; Ray Cooper would be called to help his buddy George treat the problem by pouring a mixture containing Epsom salts through the horse’s nostrils
Pearl Caleb Cooper 800 lb., gray Young son Ray teamed this horse hauling a punt from Queen’s Cove on in through Northern Bight Station to Black River Pond. The punt was used in the retrieval of two American biologists that had been working there and drowned.
Queen Ray Cooper 600 lb., black Bought in Port Blandford
Bun Ray Cooper Bought from Sim Seward, Gooseberry Cove
Bride Ray Cooper 600 lb., drk brown
Bob Ray Cooper 500 lb. Shetland pony bought from W.W. Young, Musgravetown; later sold to Amos Snelgrove, N. W. Brook
?? Ray Cooper Foal bought from Bill Peddle, Hodge’s Cove; later sold to Al Bailey, Ivany’s Cove
Spray Ray Cooper 700 lb., gray Sold to Elisha Gregory
Shirley Ches Goobie 700 lb.,
?? Ches Gobbie 1000 lb. Bought from Lawrence Adey, Adeytown
Shorkie George Goobie 1000 lb., red Bought in St. John’s; fast
Bride Jim Goobie 1000 lb., dark red
Lass John Goobie 750 lb., white A lumberwoods horse, bought from Nick Baker, Deer Lake
?? John Goobie 1500 lb., black
Doll Will Goobie, Jr. 1000 lb., black
?? Will Goobie, Jr. Red Bought from Eugene Smith, N. W. Brook
Tim Will Goobie, Jr. 500 lb., dark red Bought from Jim Vivian, N. W. Brook
Alice Will Goobie, Jr. Bought at race track, St. John’s; referred to by owner as “Mile-a-Minute”
Bride Bax Gosse 800 lb, black
?? Bax Gosse Raised from a foal
?? Bax Gosse Had only one eye
Frank Bax Gosse
?? Dick Gosse 700 lb., red
Diana Silas Gosse 900 lb., red fast
Chester Silas Gosse 700 lb., black
Jim Ed Gregory 900 lb., dark red
Spray Elisha Gregory 700 lb., gray Bought from Ray Cooper
Queen Harvey Gregory 900 lb., black
?? Harvey Gregory 900 lb., red Fast horse, bought at race track, St. John’s; died (poisoned) from eating frozen potato stalks in the fall
Doll James Jacobs
?? Bob Smith
Neet Abe Spurrell 1100 lb., light red Bought from Max Button
 Son  Cecil Spurrell