Horses of St. Jones Within

Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Captain Albert George Benson 1000 lb., black


Bought from Stephen Barfitt, Long Beach; several times, it was known to have walked from St. Jones Within to Hatchet Cove (Baker’s Point) and swim across the Arm back to its “native home”;

Was “balky”;

Bon Albert George Benson 600 lb., red


Molly Albert George Benson    
Star Albert George Benson   Bought from Jack Robbins
Catherine Albert George Benson    
Dolly David Benson 500 lb., white Had her for 31 years
Kitty David Benson 500 lb., black  
Molly David Benson    
Charlie David Benson   Bought from Wm. George Stringer, L. H. Ease
Jim Esau Benson    
Girl Albert Brown 850 lb., red  
Beaut Albert Brown 850 lb., black  
Bully Chesley Brown 500 lb., red Bought from Allan Tucker
Don Chesley Brown 500 lb., red Bought from Will Robbins
Smoky George Brown 450 lb., black  
Grin Jim Brown 600 lb., white Bought at L. H. E.
Beaut Jim Brown 500 lb., black  
Remington Kayla Brown 800 lb., gray Newfoundland pony, brought from out west
Knight Kayla Brown 800 lb., gray Newfoundland pony, brought from out west
Rain Kayla Brown 1100 lb., Brought from Alberta
Kit Walter Butt    
Bell Elijah Hillyard 600 lb., red  
Prince Lawrence Hillyard 1000 lb., brown  
Patsy Will Hillyard 1000 lb., black  
Prince Will Hillyard    
Gin Will Hillyard   Sold to Heber King
Girl Edgar Holloway    
Shirley Isaac Holloway 700 lb., gray  
Pete Isaac Holloway 500 lb., black  
Flirt Stephen Holloway 500 lb., white  
Girl Stephen Holloway 700 lb., red  
Gin Stephen Holloway   Bought from Heber King
Bonnie Alphaeus King 500 lb., black  
Bess Bill King 600 lb., black  
Nelson Boyd King    
Clyde Boyd King    
Silas Boyd King    
Charlie Ches King   Bought as a foal from Jack Brown, Hatchet Cove
Lightning Ches King   Came from Earles in Carbonear
Bell King, Gilbert 700 lb., black Came from Little Heart’s Ease
Bride Guy & Otto King 500 lb., black  
Lindsay Guy & Otto King 700 lb., brown  
Winston Guy & Otto King 800 lb., red  
Prince Heber King 700 lb., red  
Bess Heber King   Bought at Trinity; was brought to St. Jones Within on the Norma & Gladys on her first voyage to this port
Ginn Heber King   Bought from Will Hillyard; later sold to Steven Holloway
Frank Wm. John King 800 lb., white  
Clyde George Miller 600 lb., red Sold to Adam Rodgers
Prince George Miller 800 lb., black  
Philly Miller, Hezekiah 600 lb., red Superman
Prince Eliab Robbins 700 lb., brown  
Star Jack Robbins 500 lb., white Sold it to Albert George Benson
Darby Will Robbins 2000 lb., black Brought from the lumberwoods
Phil Will Robbins 700 lb., black  
Don Will Robbins   Sold to Ches Brown
Clyde Adam/Bill Rodgers 600 lb., red Bought from George Miller
Queen Reuben Toope 600 lb., brown Bought from Will Robbins
Flirt Reuben Toope 500 lb., white Bought from Stephen Holloway
Molly Allan Tucker 700 lb., black  
Prince Allan Tucker 700 lb., red  
Rebel David Tucker 700 lb., gray  
Neice Eli Tucker 700 lb., red  
Whiskey Harold Tucker 600 lb., paint  
Lassie Oliver Tucker 700 lb., red  
Rex Silas Tucker 800 lb., black  
Molly Silas Tucker 800 lb., red