1.  Rachel Frances (Tucker) Avery (known as Aunt Fanny), Southport

2.  Alice Lizzie (Smith) Critch, Hillview

3.  Mary Jane (Smith) Drodge / Dodge, Little Hearts Ease

4.  Mary Ann (Seward) Green, St. Jones Without

5.  Angelina (Smith) Hiscock, Hodge’s Cove

6. Julia Jane (Baker) Vivian Hiscock

7.  Laura (Dean) Miller, St. Jones’ Within

8.  Rosemund Julia (Smith) Peddle, Hodge’s Cove

9.  Mary (Smith) Stringer, Little Heart’s Ease

10.  Jessie (Benson) Strong / Price, Little Heart’s Ease

11.  Harriet (Smith) Seward, Gooseberry Cove (early 1900s)

12.  Lillian (Snow) Hyde Sheppard, Hillview

13.  Olga Blanche (Seward) Smith, Gooseberry Cove/Southport

14. Catherine (Avery) Spurrell, Butter Cove

15.  Mary Bertha (Peddle) Drover Sweetapple, Hodge’s Cove

16.  Charlotte Fanny (King) Vey, Long Beach


Note: This is a partial list and it will continue to grow.