Laura (Dean) Miller

Miller George and Laura

George and Laura (Dean) Miller

Laura was a midwife from 1934 – 1967. During that time, she born over 300 babies. The first baby was John Toope, son of Reuben and Alice Toope of St. Jones, born in November of 1934. The last baby was Sheldon Tucker, son of David and Geneva Tucker of St. Jones, born January 21,1967 in Hatchet Cove.

She was the midwife for the birth of 99 babies in St.Jones! Laura delivered the last baby born in Loreburn – Cora (King) Brown, was born on November 21, 1964. Cora is the daughter of Gilbert and Audrey King of St. Jones.

Laura died on May 7,1985 at the age of 90 years. It is interesting to note that Laura and her husband, George Miller, had one child, a son, Willus Miller, on born on February 14, 1922. Willus was born in the morning and he died in the evening!


Special thanks to Geneva Tucker for this information.