Rachel Frances (Tucker) Hillyard Avery

(Photo courtesy her 2 x grand daughter Khiya Hillyard)

Rachel Frances (Fanny) Tucker was born 15 December 1890 in St. Jones Within, daughter of James John and Susanna (Smith) Tucker. She married Elijah Hillyard on 2 November 1910 in St. John’s. Elijah and Fanny had two children.

After the death of Elijah, Fanny married James Avery of Southport on 24 May 1917 in St. Jones Within. James and Fanny raised their family (they had six children) in Southport. 

Aunt Fanny, as she was known, was a midwife in Southport and area from 1951-1960. Aunt Fanny delivered 127 babies and she delivered her first one when she was 34 years old. Her fee was $3 – $4. She trained under another midwife, Olga Smith.

Fanny passed away in 1984 at the age of 94 years. 


Source: The Role of Newfoundland Midwife in Traditional Health Care 1900 – 1970 by Janet Elizabeth McNaughton,  1989. (PhD. Thesis)