Lion’s Club

Provided by Lester Green, April 2015

First Annual Dr. B. Cross Fund Raiser

In the summer of 1991, the Hodge’s Cove/Caplin Cove Lions Club participated in their first annual Dr. G. B. Cross Fund Raiser. The Lions members manned the telephones and took calls from around the Southwest Arm area. It was held at the cable TV building at Little Heart’s Ease where TV Bingo was held.

The following photos were taken by The Packet in July, 1991 and illustrate the dedication of the Lion members.

Lion R-L Gord Denney, Chair of  Foundation, Lion Willis Peddle, Lion Stan Whalen, Florence Green and Craig  Ivany

R-L Gord Dinney, Chair of the Foundation; Lion Willis Peddle; Lion Stan Whalen; Florence Green, member of the Dr. G. B. Cross Board of Directors; and Craig Ivany, Chair of the Board.

Lions Hedley Whalen, Rick Baker,  Eric Stringer, and Gord Dinney (Chair of Foundation)

Lion Hedley Whalen, Lion Rick Baker, Lion Eric Stringer, Gord Dinney

Lions Ray Curtis, Hedley Whalen, Rick Baker, and Eric Stringer

Lion Ray Curtis, Lion Hedley Whalen, Lion Rick Baker, and Lion Eric Stringer.