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 20150912_132314  Marriage Certificate of James Avery of Southport and Fanny Hillyard of St. Jones Within, 24 May 1917, St. Jones Within.
 20150912_132301  Marriage Certificate of Elijah Hillyard and Fannie Tucker, 2 November 1910, St. John’s.
 20150912_132307  Marriage Certificate of James Avery of Fox Harbour and Julia Ann Price of Long Cove, 18 May 1903 at Fox Harbour.
 Stamps_Newfoundland  Newfoundland Stamp collection. (Donated by Tony Shaw)
 Stamps_Newfoundland 2  Newfoundland Stamp Collection (Donated by Tony Shaw)
 Aunt Beatrice Peddle  This cheque is the last one of a dividend that Beatrice ( Yetman) Peddle received periodically from the Fishermen’s Union Trading Company after her husband Leander Peddle (1883-1935) died. (Donated by Sandra (Stringer) Oliver)
 Leander Stringer 1926-1998 Insurance CardLeander Stringer 1926-1998 Insurance Card (reverse side)  Leander Stringer’s (1926-1998) Canadian Merchant Service Guild Insurance card. (Donated by Sandra (Stringer) Oliver)
 Leander Stringer 1926-1998 EI CardLeander Stringer 1926-1998 EI Card (reverse)  Leander Stringer’s (1926-1998) Unemployed Insurance Identification Card. (Donated by Sandra (Stringer) Oliver)
 Leander Stringer 1926-1998 Blood Bank 1953Leander Stringer 1926-1998 Blood Bank 1953 (reverse)  Leander Stringer’s (1926-1998) Newfoundland Blood Bank card, April 8, 1953. (Donated by Sandra (Stringer) Oliver)
 Leander Stringer 1926-1998 Identity Card Merchant MarinesLeander Stringer 1926-1998 Identity Card (inside)  Leander Stringer’s (1926-1998) National Registration Identity Card from April 10, 1945.  (Donated by Sandra (Stringer) Oliver)
 Ralph Smith backRalph Smith front  Ralph Smith’s (1894-1982) National Registration Identity Card from May 23, 1947. (Donated by Marion (Smith) Spurrell)
 SUF Certificate for Jane Spurrell Seward  SUF Certificate for Jane (Spurrell) Seward
 Ralph Smith Masters front Ralph Smith masters back Ralph Clarence Smith’s Certificate of Service as Master of a steamship in the home trade, dated April 10, 1953. Image donated by his daughter, Marion Smith Spurrell. Marion says she can remember her Dad saying after Newfoundland joined Confederation he had to get a new certificate from Ottawa!