School House

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This particular old school deck was purchased by Thelma (Drodge) Nugent at a yard sale in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Thelma says, “It is just like the one I sat in at the old two-room Salvation Army school [in Little Heart’s Ease] a long time ago.”
  A scribber used by Lenvoll Vivian. It has math, history, literature and writing samples.(Donated by his daughter, Wanetta Barry)
   A magazine from 1927 originally owned by Lenvoll Vivian. (Donated by his daughter, Wanetta Barry)
   Newfoundland Story was a quarterly publication that is dated 1947 originally owned by Lenvoll Vivian. (Donated by his daughter, Wanetta Barry)
   Dictionary used by Lenvoll Vivian and his daughter Wanetta Barry. (Donated by Wanetta Barry)
   Learning to Speak and Write, Book II, Grades V, VI, VII, and VIII by Donalda J. Dickie (Owned by Eric Stringer)
   Elementary Algebra, Hall & Knight (Owned by Eric Stringer)
   Higher English by F.J. Rahtz. Used in 1954. (Owned by Eric Stringer)
   The Royal Readers – used in the 1920s and later. (Owned by Eric Stringer)
 20150912_140321  A Tale of Two Cities owned by Lester Green, Little Heart’s Ease. this was a novel that was required reading for high school English. Lester’s most memorable moment of this novel was the comment made by Brad Drodge when he said “Mr. Russell, the people of Francce really lost their heads back then.”
 IMG_4391  School books that were used in Newfoundland during the 1950s and 1960s. Owned by Elaine (Peddle) Spurrell)
 Grade 4 GeographyGrade 4 Geography 2  Grade 4 Geography
 Grade 7 History bookGrade 7 History book 2  Grade 7 History book
 Our New Friends, Grade 1Our New Friends  Our New Friends, Grade 1
 Primer Readers  Primer Readers
 Grade 1 ReaderGuess Who Grade 1  Grade 1 Reader
 Before We Read 1
Before We Read 2
 Before We Read 2
 IMG_4424  This desk was used by students at St. Alban’s School in Southport. The school, owned by the Anglican Church, was built in 1946. Owned by Dana Balsom.
 IMG_4410IMG1_4409 A model of the old red school that was located in Hodge’s Cove where Ted Drover’s house now stands. The model was made by Clarence Smith for his grand-daughter Kate Drodge.
 DSCN4198 Julius Caesar – originally owned by Shirley (Smith) Jennings in 1953 and now owned by her daughter, Wanda Garrett.
 School bells from Hodges Cove Ang Two school bells from the old Hodges Cove Anglican/Integrated Elementary School. The newer bell is the last one used in the school before it closed. The older bell is difficult to date. My Mom, Kathleen (Smith) Spurrell, remembers it as an OLD bell when she taught at the school in 1953. She was under the impression that it came from one of the older schools in operation before this school opened. My Dad, Lindo Smith, did a few repairs on the old bell, replacing the broken wooden handle and replacing the broken clapper. It was used for several years after these repairs. (Donated by Rosanne Churchill)
Slate used in school by Harrison Spurrell Butter Cove  A slate used in school by Harrison Spurrell of Butter Cove. (Photo donated by Sylvia Meadus)
This New Code Standard Geography book was used by Emma Jane Higgins (1889-1926) as she attended school at Hodge’s Cove. If she used it when she was 15 years old, that would have been circa 1904 … well over a hundred years ago.
Emma wrote her name and address on her book:
Emma Jane Higgins
Hodge’s Cove
Random South
Trinity Bay
Emma was born October 27, 1889 at Hodge’s Cove and she died July 2, 1926 at Saint John NB.
She married Simon Peter Snelgrove (born Grates Cove September 14, 1881 and died November 15, 1955 at Saint John NB)
These photos were donated to us by Pauline (Churchill) Avery. Pauline acquired the book when the old Higgins house was being taken down.
four Pottery inkwells found when the pond was drained at Heart’s Ease Beach in 1990. (Items are in the possession of Leslie Dean)