The Bathroom

If you have photos of items you wish to contribute to this page, please email them to along with a description of each item in the photos. (Note: Click on the thumbnail to open a larger view of the photo.)


 20150912_134653  Iodine bottle – part of a bottle collection owned by Samantha Green, Little Heart’s Ease. Notice the embossed skull crossbones and word poison. This bottle dates back to the early 1900s.
 20150912_135306  Clippers owned by Lester Green.
 20150912_135249  Shaving bowl and brush owned by Lester Green.
 20150622_113508 Amber medicine bottle from Frank W. Horner Ltd. of Mt. Royal, Quebec. This bottle came from the home of Samuel and Mamie (Vey) Smith of Long Beach. Now owned by their grand-daughter, Wanda (Jennings) Garrett.

Ralph Smith shaving mug
 Ralph Smith’s shaving mug which he purchased in Boston in the early 1930s. It is now in the possession of his daughter, Marion Smith Spurrell.