The Store

If you have photos of items you wish to contribute to this page, please email them to along with a description of each item in the photos. (Note: Click on the thumbnail to open a larger view of the photo.)

 IMG_4379  Weight scale owned by Eldred Drodge, Little Heart’s Ease. This set of scales was used in the General Store that Eldred Drodge owned and operated at Little Heart’s Ease. Eldred was a fish merchant / general store and this computagram weight scale was purchased by his business in the early 1950s.
 IMG_4377  Weight scale owned by Harvey Smith, Gooseberry Cove. This set of scales was purchased by Harvey and Marjorie Smith from Stephen Seward and used in a small convenience store that they operated in the late 1960s. The scale could weigh items from ounces to 240 lbs.
 weight scale  Weight scale used in Dick Whelan’s store and post office, Queen’s Cove