A Newfoundland Hero

Reprinted from The Cadet, Volume 2, 1915-09


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Leander Green, D.S.M.

Leander Green is a native of St. Jones Without, in the District of Trinity, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Green, and the first of the many brave lads who have left our shores to fight for King and Empire, to win particular distinction. He has been awarded the highest honour, other than the Victoria Cross, that a British sailor can win, the Distinguished Service Medal. What the deed was which won him this recognition an admiring country knows not: no official information has reached here, and with the modesty of a true hero, our sailor lad has not divulged it. That it may have been in connection with rescue work when the battleship Formidable was lost on New Year’s Day is suggested; but whatever the act it is sufficient to know that his steadiness in time of danger, his bravery and heroism aroused the enthusiasm and gained the applause of his officers from whom the recommendation must necessarily have come. Leander Green is a splendid representative of our Naval Beservists—strong, sturdy and vigorous, bright of eye and intelligent—a type of man who sees his duty but to do it. When the call came he was one of the first to respond, and for nearly a year has been on active service. That the good fortunes of the past year will steadily follow him through the war and that he will be permitted to return safely to home and friends, is earnestly hoped. The Cadet heartily extends congratulations to our naval hero and his proud parents.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, April 2018

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