Newfoundland War Song

Reprinted with permission from the book Hodge’s Cove by Eric Stringer, 2011


Mrs. Julie Boone (nee Bishop) wrote the following ‘song’. Given that her husband Alexander was lost in the First War, and that other close relatives were involved in the Wars, Aunt Julie speaks from some authority. Her song:


Come all ye Newfoundlanders, who are in hopes of living free,
Join hand in hand with Britain, in the fight for liberty;
And gladly raise your voices, in this triumphant song.
There’ll always be an England, and she’ll never be put down.

When Adam was created and placed beside the Tree,
There also was a serpent, to cause such misery.
From the hour of temptation, he found the power to reign,
He’s moving now in Europe; Adolph Hitler is his name.

When Hitler finished planning, ‘twas then his job begun,
The European countries he captured one by one.
By conquering those small nations, he thought would be his chance
And with some understanding, he also captured France.

He burst his chains asunder, and scattered them behind,
He has caused the world to wonder, he’s like a roaring lion.
He trampled down the nations, caused kings and queens to flee,
And now he stands in anger, by an island that is free.

That island is old England, a land so firm and fair,
The power of Adolph will never be ruling there,
She needs no wild dictators, she deals with honest men,
So he’ll have to stay in Europe, and be minus of a friend.

Yes, he’s standing there in anger, he’s faced with great defeat,
For in the English Channel awaits the British Fleet,
They’ll cause him great destruction in his invasion ports
Woe to that mad dictator if he tries to storm our forts.

While the fleet lies in the Channel, waiting to attack
Her army in her millions are standing at the back,
With her great Home Defense Guard stationed everywhere,
And a brave and dauntless Air Force descending from the air.

We’ll fight them from the beaches, we’ll fight them ‘til we win,
‘Twas Winston Churchill’s warning, we never will give in,
We’ll fight them from the rooftops, we’ll fight them from the street,
We mean to keep on fighting, ‘til our German foe is beat.

His voice is heard by millions across the oceans wide;
Now Winston Churchill’s orders are attended to with pride,
No German propaganda can on his plans react,
Finances, factories, forces is the answer he gets back.

We trust our gallant hero, he is a noble sire,
To live in peace and freedom is his only great desire.
His age ain’t a burden, ‘cause when duty calls, he’s there,
You won’t find a better leader in this wide world anywhere.

Hitler may destroy our cities and raze them to the ground,
But we’ll always have a monarch, and we’ll always have a crown;
There’ll always be an England, and England will be free,
And she’ll always have a Navy to protect her from the sea.

Let’s cheer the British Navy, God bless that grand old fleet,
God bless the boys that man them, and make their work complete.
May they always rule the ocean, and plow the seven seas;
Keep down the German tyrants, and make them stand at ease.

Now Hitler’s plans are shattered, likewise his mad romance;
He said he’d capture England, once he had conquered France;
But a sound came o’er the ocean that made his heart stand still,
The President of America signed the Lend-Lease Bill.

The great and noble President, so worthy of his praise,
May the stars that represent him shine o’er him all his days;
No Nazi German leader will deprive him of his rights,
Nor the flag that waves above him, the good old Stars and Stripes.

To you Nazi German dragon, we wish to make it clear,
We’ll have revenge for victims you’ve slaughtered from the air.
We also think of Malta who so bravely took her stand,
We’ll remember too Pearl Harbor who got smitten by Japan.

So cheer up, Mother Country, and keep your spirits bright,
Your friends across the ocean are working day and night,
Australia and New Zealand, Canada and Newfoundland,
Will be rallying o’er to help you with your aid from Uncle Sam.

Now speaking of Australia, many thousand miles away;
With General D. McArthur she grows stronger every day,
They mean to guard their country against the Japanese,
She’s as firm as Gibraltar in the great Pacific seas.

Now every loyal subject, wherever you may be,
Join hand and hand with Britain in the fight for liberty.
With proud determination she bravely pledged her hand,
That every conquered nation would receive their native land.

So now before I finish, I’ve a few more words to say;
Our great United Nations will surely win the day.
We mean to beat the Germans, as we beat them once before,
And gave Hitler such a whacking that he’ll never rise no more.

So lads be brave in battle, and take God for your guide,
For in the hour of danger, He’s forever by your side,
He’ll always give you courage, his justice to defend,
When greater love hath no man than to suffer for his friend.