Military Records of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, WW 1


NAME Hometown
Esau Baker Bishops Falls (Born Southport)
George Baker Gooseberry Cove
George Gilbert Baker Southport
John Baker Hodge’s Cove
Alfred Francis Butler Hodge’s Cove (Born Griquet)
Abel Churchill Hillview
Eldred Churchill Hodge’s Cove
Richard Gosse Queen’s cove
Bartlett Green St. Jones’ Without
Hubert Green Hillview
Arthur Jacobs Little Heart’s Ease
Levi Jacobs Little Heart’s Ease
William John King St. Jones Within
John Lambert Southport
Absalom Marsh Hillview
William John Peddle Little Heart’s Ease
Horatius Seward Southport
Andrew Shaw Little Heart’s Ease
Bernard Shaw Little Heart’s Ease
Daniel Shaw Little Heart’s Ease
William James Shaw Little Heart’s Ease
Nathaniel Smith Hodge’s Cove
Abraham Spurrell Butter Cove
Richard Spurrell Butter Cove
Wilson Vey Long Beach
John Vivian Hillview