The H.M.S. Laurentic


On January 25, 2017, Newfoundlanders and the people of Ireland (County of Donegal) will remember those who died tragically after the HMS Laurentic struck mines that were laid off Lough Swilly, Ireland 100 years earlier as well as the 121 survivors.

The Laurentic set sail from Liverpool bound for Halifax carrying 475 men. Also onboard was gold valued at five million British pounds that was to be used to buy much-needed munitions to help with the war in Europe.

Among those who did not survive were 22 Royal Naval Reservist from Newfoundland – including Eldred Gosse of Long Beach and Luke Smith, Gooseberry Cove. Both Eldred and Luke were married and on leave to visit their respective families. Luke was going home to see his daughter, Viola May, who was born while he was away at sea. 

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Roll Honour for HMS Laurentic


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