Where Once They Sailed

Newfoundland Reserve, 1902-1914

Tragic loss on ill-fated RMS Laurentic

Part 1: Stories of adventure, mystery and intrigue encourages Peddle brothers to enlist

Part 2: Anticipating his brother’s arrival at Grimsby Dock

Remembering our local Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Martha’s Crucifix comforts her throughout the War

St. Jones Without war heroes

Random’s story of two survivors from the loss of Laurentic

Remembering The Laurentic 101 years later


Avery Brothers contributed 19 years of naval service (Abraham, Nicholas and Robert Avery)

John Hiscock was lost on the HMS Invincible

A highly trained Southwest Arm reservist (Alexander Peddle)

Gunner loses his life one day after the Great War Ends (Edgar Henry Smith)

George Stringer among first NL casualties

HMS Bayano carries Caplin Cove’s son to a watery grave (Simeon Whalen)

Brothers seek work in the Big Apple after the Great War (Leander, Stuart, and Robert Smith)

Oldest brother patrols water of Caribbean, while newly enlisted brothers serve overseas (George, Leander, and Samuel Drover)

George’s Cove reservist spends 15 years on the high seas (Robert Balsom)

Little Heart’s Ease sends 11 men to war (Albert and Eli Drodge)

Sailor’s wife dies one month before the great war

Loreburn’s only war veteran

The two brothers who joined the Navy (Edward John and Jethro Green)

Lewis, Eldred, Mark and Peter [Green] sign-up for war

One son is transferred overseas while the other sails the waters of the Caribbean (Elias and William Avery)

One brother returns but the other loses his life on HMS Laurentic (Eldred and Eleazer Gosse)

Two eldest Smith brothers go to war (George and William Smith)

Edgar and Isaac Smith, Island Cove

Seaman Nathan Pond of Pool’s Island

The boys of Queen’s Cove (Caleb Cooper and William John Butt)

The Lamberts of Fox Harbour Serve King and Country (Eucleus and Thomas Lambert)

The Avery Brothers of Fox Harbour (Josiah and James Levi Avery)

Thomas and Mary Ann Smith’s sons serve overseas (Joseph Edward and John Thomas Smith)

Isaac and Lucinda’s sons of Fox Harbour served their King and Country (Levi and Timothy Smith)

Seaman William Thomas Dodge of Hillview

Fisherman enlisted with Royal Naval Reservist Summons to War (Eliol Baker)

Samuel Martin and Solomon Green were the youngest sons

Seaman Joseph Bursey

What happened to Seaman Edgar Soper?

Seaman Isaac John Soper survives the Dardanelles

Willie George Bishop enlist and serves overseas

The Robbins brothers of Hatchet Cove (Benoni and Eliab Robbins)

Cramm brothers of Hatchet Cove (James and Joseph Cramm)

Survives torpedo but loses to tuberculosis (Thomas Pond)

Toope’s Naval Career Begins With Halifax Explosion (Charlie Toope)

Seaman on legendary Indian ship – HMIS Dufferin (Francis King)

Sailor decorated with Meritorious Service Medal (George Walter Critch)

Sailor marries best friend’s widow (Silas Boone)

Sailor Spends Naval Career on HMS Berwick (Albert Drover)

A Young Boy Determined to Serve His Country (Albert Drover, 2364X)

Hodge’s Cove son serves in the two world wars (James Drover)

HMS Devonshire Serves as Home for Sailor’s Naval Career (James Langdon)

Sailor Escorts Secret Cargo from Cape Town to Halifax (Andrew Peddle)

Hodge’s Cove sailor witnesses the Halifax explosion (Harvey Peddle)

Family deaths plague sailors early childhood (Kenneth Peddle)

Sailor uses Brother’s Birth Year to Enlist with the Navy (James Thomas Hiscock)

Naval Career Spent in the Company of Other Southwest Arm Sailors (William John Peddle)

Hodge’s Cove Sailor Attends Coronation of King George V (William Peddle)

Stringer Brothers Sail the High Seas (Joseph and Gilbert Stringer)

Big Ben serves as a reminder of naval career (Benjamin Smith)

Seaman survives the infamous Battle of the Jutland (George Thomas)

Gooseberry Cove sailor spends five years on foreign soil (Patrick Seaward)

Sailor marries sweetheart before sailing overseas (Eli Seward)

Sailor seeks work at Bell Island mines (Peter Conway)

Family sends four to war (Isaiah, Bartholomew, Horatio, Joseph Seaward)

Alcantara battles with the German raider, Greif (William Peddle)

Where Once They Sailed – final installment