Where Once They Served

Private Horatius Seward; Southwest Arm’s Blue Puttee

Private Alfred Francis Butler; A Blue Puttee

Private George Baker; Caleb’s first son to enlist

Private John Lambert; Battles Scarlet Fever in Scotland 100 Years Ago

Private Richard James Spurrell; The Spurrell family loses a son

Private Bernard Shaw; Serving king and country through it all

Private Hubert Green; He survived a shell explosion from a yard away

Private George Gilbert Baker; Was scarred by war forever

Private Esau Baker; Lies in an unmarked grave near Cambrai, France

Private William James Shaw; Promoted from Private to Lance Corporal

Private John Vivian

Private John Baker

Private Absalom March; A case of the mumps caused him to miss the boat

Private Eldred Churchill; Answers call for “Rescue Bunch”

Private Levi Jacobs; Triumphant return on SS Corsican

Private Daniel Shaw; Was in London for victory parade

Private Andrew Shaw; Prisoner of War, Hanover Germany

Private Abraham Spurrell fought for his life with Home Defence

Private Arthur Jacobs; After peace, there was still work to do

Private Nathaniel Smith; Hodge’s Cove teen never got to go overseas

Private Richard Gosse; Special Duty at Home

Private Wilson Vey; Family fortunes suffered after Wilson Vey went to war

Private William John Peddle; His childhood was fraught with family tragedies

Private Bartlett Green; Tragically drowns after the war

Private Abel Churchill; First love interrupted by the great war

Private William John King; Service marred by sickness