Royal Air Force, WWII



Butt Eldred   Hodge’s Cove Born 1924, son of John and Annie (Hiscock) Butt.
Drodge Leander 1357093 Little Heart’s Ease Born 1915, son of William and Mahala (Dodge) Drodge.
Drover Josaih 1351842 Hodge’s Cove Born 1915, son of George and Susanna (Bishop) Drover.
Goobie Eldred 1301851 Queen’s Cove Born 1917, son of Abraham and Annie (Butt) Goobie.
Robbins Raymond Sinclair   Hatchet Cove Born 1921, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth (Crummey) Robbins.
Robbins Wilbert John 798773 Hatchet Cove Born 1919, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth (Crummey) Robbins.
Seward Joseph 67629 Gooseberry Cove  


Transcribed by Lester Green and Elaine Spurrell, November 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.