Royal Navy / Merchant Navy, WWII


SURNAME GIVEN Service # Hometown Comments
Avery Edwin Chester JX265170 Long Beach Born 1921, son of Alfred and Sarah (Langer) Avery. Chester Joined the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit In 1940, after being turned down for the navy because he was too young. On April 3, 1941 he transferred to the Royal Navy. After training in Lowesloft, England, he joined the HMS Hoxa, a submarine chaser and sailed to Freetown, West Africa where they convoyed in the South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In Dec. 1941 Chester contracted malaria and was hospitalized. After recovery, he joined the Corvette ‘Southern Pride’ convoying in the Indian Ocean for 2 ½ years. He spent the rest of his time in Africa at shore base in Simon’s Town Naval Base. On Sept. 8, 1943, Chester married Yvonne Van Rut of Cape Town, South Africa. In Dec. 1945, Chester returned to light duties at Scapa Flow, Scotland. Yvonne later joined him there. Chester returned to Newfoundland on March 17, 1946 and his wife arrived shortly afterwards. Chester passed away on Apr. 23, 2012 in Barrie, Ontario and his wife Yvonne passed away on Sept. 10, 2014.
Avery Nicholas 211462 Hillview Born 1920, son of Abraham and Phoebe (Green) Avery.
Nicholas’ wife was war bride, Doreen Johnson from Stockton-On-Tees, County Durham, England.
Avery Wilson JX181440 Long Beach Born 1918, son of Alfred and Sarah (Langer) Avery. Wilson was killed in action Nov. 5, 1940: HMS Jervis Bay. The HMS Jervis Bay was the sole escort for 37 merchant ships in convoy HX-84 from Halifax on Oct. 28, to Britain when the convoy encountered the German warship, the Admiral Scheer.  Captain Fogarty Fegen of the Jervis Bay ordered the convoy to scatter and set a course toward the German ship to draw fire and distract it from the convoy. As the Jervis Bay sped toward the Admiral Scheer, her crew dropped smoke canisters over the side, setting up a smoke screen to hide the merchant ships, giving them time to scatter   and elude the German battleship. The Jervis Bay was outgunned and sank 755 nautical miles off Reykjavik, Iceland. Although the Admiral Scheer went on to sink 5 of the merchant ships in the convoy, the sacrifice of the Jervis Bay helped the remaining ships to escape. 65 survivors of the 254 crew of the Jervis Bay were picked up by the neutral Swedish ship, Stureholm.  Captain Fegen was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross for his valour.
Barfitt Heber Harvey D/201703 Long Beach Born 1920, son of Llewellyn and Mary (Vey) Barfitt .
Barfitt Hector 315681 Long Beach Born 1921, son of Alfred and Delsie (Vey) Barfitt.
Benson William Thomas JX201704 Hillview Born 1920, son of Edward and Elizabeth (Green) Benson. Served in the Royal Navy from Jan. 1940-Jan. 1946.
Blundon John K. JX/247917 Hatchet Cove Born 1921, son of Eliab and Lydia Ann (King) Blundon.
Butt Elijah Cyril JX188859 St. Jones’ Within Born 1916, son of William and Annie (Green) Butt. Elijah was killed in action Oct. 22, 1943: HMS Orfasy.  The Orfasy was torpedoed and sunk by German U-68 about 185 nautical miles off the coast of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa with a loss of all 30 crew members.
Dodge Joseph P/188902 Little Heart’s Ease Born 1914, son of John and Belinda (Peddle) Dodge.
Drodge Cyril Little Heart’s Ease Born 1916, son of Jacob and Mary (Gosse) Drodge. Merchant Navy 1940-1943.
Drodge Maxwell 211464 Little Heart’s Ease Born 1915, son of Jacob and Mary Lavinia (Gosse) Drodge. Royal Navy 1940-1946. He died Aug. 4, 1974.
Drover Willis JX225706 Hodge’s Cove Born 1921, son of George and Susanna (Bishop) Drover. Willis also served in the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit. He was killed in action May 8, 1941; HMS Viva. The HMS Viva was a submarine chaser enroute from Falmouth to Milford Haven when it was attacked, bombed and sunk by German HE115 aircraft, 13 nautical miles west of Trevose Head, Cornwall, England. 10 men were rescued by HMS Cleveland. 19 men were lost.
Gosse William Halstead CJX230219 Queen’s Cove Born 1921, son of Silas and Martha (Goobie) Gosse. Served in the Royal Navy 1940-1946.
Green Herbert D/202019 St. Jones’ Without Born 1920, son of Levi and Isabella (Spurrell) Green.
Howse Nelson M. P/188826 Queen’s Cove Born 1920, son of Charles and Miriam (Robbins) Howse.
Ivany Lewis D/202019 St. Jones’ Within Born 1914, son of Joshua and Priscella (Rodgers) Ivany.
King Ariel Francis JX242227 St. Jones’ Within Born 1920, son of Guy and Hannah (Blundon) King. He served in the Royal Navy Jan. 7, 1941-Apr. 14, 1946. Ariel also served in the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit. He died Apr. 15, 1976.
King George Gladstone 241679 St. Jones’ Within Born 1919, Son of Simeon Boyd and Zilpah (Miller) King. George also served in the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit.
Lambert Levi George JX188918 Hatchet Cove Born 1917, son of Stephen and Rachel (Benson) Lambert. Levi was killed in action Aug. 10, 1940 when HMS Transylvania was torpedoed by the German U boat, U-56 off Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland.  There were 300 survivors and 36 lives lost. The casualties were caused while lowering s.3 boat and in the capsizing of p.3 boat due to overcrowding.
Langer Solomon M. 247273 Gooseberry Cove Born 1921, son of John and Miriam (Cooper) Langer.
Loder Nelson 222623 Hillview Born 1917, son of Eli and Annie (Jackson) Loder.
Peddle Clarence 346228 Hodge’s Cove Born 1922, son of Archer and Maria (Jacobs) Peddle. Nelson also served in the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit.
Price Abram John P/188829 Loreburn Born 1915, son of John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Price.
Robbins Eleazer 211495 Hatchet Cove Born 1918, son of Henry and Elsie (Smith) Robbins.
Seward Bernard 316629 Gooseberry Cove Born 1917, son of Francis and Johannah (Ryan) Seward.
Seward Ronald 315721 Gooseberry Cove Born 1917, son of Peter and Beatrice (Coombs) Seward.
Smith Chesley 216683 Gooseberry Cove Born 1921, son of John and Dinah (Pitcher) Smith.
Smith Herbert P/174384 Southport Born 1919, son of James and Mary Sarah (Lambert) Smith.
Smith Moses 216684 Butter Cove Born 1912, son of Ebenezer and Siscely (Spurrell) Smith.
Spurrell Arthur P/188823 Butter Cove Born 1915, son of David and Mary Elizabeth (Hiscock) Spurrell. Royal Navy 1939-1946. Arthur enlisted in the Royal Navy in November of 1939 while he was working in Corner Brook. He was sent to the barracks in England and he spent his first winter on a ship in the North Sea. From there his ship sailed to Sussex, England, on to West Africa, Gibraltar and across the Atlantic Ocean. His ship’s mission was to escort convoys safely to their destinations. In 1943 Arthur was assigned to the Kilkinzie, a submarine chaser. The Kilkinzie sought out enemy submarines between Bermuda and South Africa. In 1944, Arthur was assigned to the merchant cruise, the Cangon.  Shortly thereafter, he joined the destroyer, the Quail, which operated out of West Africa. He spent the last months of the war in West Africa working as a butcher for the Royal Navy.
Stringer Isaiah LT/JX217864 Caplin Cove Born 1913, son of Josiah and Mary (Drover) Stringer. Isaiah was killed in action Nov. 8, 1943; HMS Avanturine
Stringer Lester P/188827 Hodge’s Cove Born 1919, son of Joseph and Matilda (French) Stringer.
Strong Henry George 211574 Little Heart’s Ease Born 1914, son of William and Jessie (Benson) Strong.
Tucker Allan Chesley 277246 St. Jones’ Within Born 1919, son of Abraham and Bessie (Burt) Tucker.
Vey William James JX225705 Hodge’s Cove Born 1918, son of William James and Rachel (Smith) Vey, Long Beach. William served in both the Navy and the Forestry. He died Oct. 14, 1942 on the SS Caribou, a ferry running from North Sydney, NS to Port aux Basques, NL. It was being escorted by the HMS Grandmere. On board were 46 crew members, 73 civilian passengers and 118 service personnel. All went well until about 30 miles from Port aux Basques when the ferry was struck by a torpedo from the German submarine U-69.  137 people lost their lives.
Vey Raymond 211521 Long Beach Born 1919, son of William James and Lydia Sarah (Jacobs) Vey.
Whalen Nathaniel JX/181264 Caplin Cove Born 1918, son of Edward Thomas and Maud Elizabeth (Smith) Whalen.


Transcribed by Lester Green and Elaine Spurrell, November 2014

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