Royal Newfoundland Artillery / Royal Newfoundland Regiment, WWII


Avery Newman Joshua RNA 971701 Southport Born 1915, son of Newman and Sarah (Spurrell) Avery.
Bishop Noah RNA 13051268 Hatchet Cove Born 1923, son of William George and Effie (Avery) Bishop. Royal Newfoundland Artillery, 59th. Field Regiment, Heavy Artillery. He also served with the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit.
Churchill Charles RNA 970923 Hillview Born 1921, son of William Thomas and Jessie Ann (Whalen) Churchill.
Cramm Winzell RNA 970953 Hatchet Cove Born 1921, son of Joseph and Emeline (Benson) Cramm.
Dean Arthur Frederick RNA 13051273 Southport Born 1921, son of Henry Thomas and Jessie (Dalton) Dean.
Dodge Archer RNA 971723RNR 559 Little Heart’s Ease Born 1923, son of John and Belinda (Peddle) Dodge.
Green Eugene RNA 97016RNR 1095 Caplin Cove Born 1922, son of Edmund and Mary L. (Baker) Green. 166th. Newfoundland Field Regiment. 1943-1946. Africa and Italy.
Hiscock Jacob James RNR 1656 St. Jones’ Without Born 1924, son of James and Lucy (Spurrell) Hiscock.
Hiscock Joshua RNA 970982 St. Jones’ Without Born 1916, son of James and Lucy (Spurrell) Hiscock.
Hiscock Winston RNA 971870RNR 967 St. Jones’ Without Born about 1922, son of James and Lucy (Spurrell) Hiscock.
Norris Lionel Francis RNA 971755RNR 849 North West Brook Born 1915, son of John and Lillian (Janes) Norris.
Peddle Baxter Woodland RNA 971860RNR 1068 Hodge’s Cove Born 1923, son of Herbert and Sarah (Woodland)Peddle.
Peddle Stewart RNR 1391 Hodge’s Cove Born 1922, son of Andrew and Virtue (Peddle)Peddle.
Pittman Chesley Harrison RNA 970894 Hatchet Cove Born 1920 in Brittania but raised in Hatchet Cove by William George and Mary Blundon.
Seward Arthur John RNA 971776RNR 557 Gooseberry Cove Born 1921, son of Moses and Dinah (Eddy) Seward.
Smith Ernest RNR 583 Gooseberry Cove. Born 1925, son of John and Annie Gladys  (Spurrell) Smith. Ernest died in the Knights of Columbus fire , St. John’s, NL on Dec. 12, 1942.
Strowbridge Frederick RNA1075436 Butter Cove Born 1915, son of Israel and Amelia (Langer) Strowbridge. Frederick first joined the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit and was stationed in Scotland. He later joined the army and was posted to England. During an enemy raid over England, Frederick was injured. Because of his injury he was discharged from the army and sent home. He died Oct. 1, 1999.


Transcribed by Lester Green and Elaine Spurrell, November 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.