Birth and Baptism Certificates

Birth Date Birth Place Surname Parents Names Child’s Name Sex By whom Baptized Baptism Date Religion Father’s Occupation Remarks
1861 April 2 Fox Harbor Baker John and Sarah Ann Catherine F  Fishing
1872 Oct. 18 Heart’s Ease Baker Jacob and Caroline Julia Jane F Henry Petley 1873 Sept. 7 Anglican
1874 Sept. 30 Grates Cove Hyde Salvenus and Louisa Anne Celina Noel F  G.S. Chamberlain  1874 Oct. 25  Fisherman
1892 Feb. 19 Island Cove Smith Albert and Phoebe William M James Drover 1892 Anglican Fisherman Received on May 23, 1892 by Henry C.A. Johnson
1894 Sept. 3 Island Cove Smith Albert and Phoebe George M James Drover (L.R.) Sept. 25, 1894 Anglican  Received on Feb. 2, 1895 by Henry Petley
1902 Aug. 7 Island Cove Smith Simon and Anne Maria Alice F F.C.F.Shears August 19, 1902 Anglican
1903 Sept. 28 North West Brook Baker Matthias and Hannah Sarah Sabina F Charles Hudson March 10, 1904 United Church
1918 Nov. 16 Little Heart’s Ease Jacobs David and Alice (nee Martin) Eliza Jane F Solomon Martin Nov. 27, 1918 Methodist
1919 Nov. 22 St. Jones Without Green Adam and Mary William James M Gordon Templeton Nov. 28, 1919 Fisherman Received on Aug 22, 1920 by R. Fowlow (Deacon)

There are also birth/baptism records for Southwest Arm available on Newfoundland’s Grand Banks Genealogical and Historical data for Newfoundland and Labardor website. Click here to view.