Bethany (old) United Church Cemetery

Southport Old United Church Cemetery

Southport Old United Church Cemetery


Surname Given Born Died Age Inscription
Seaward Sarah Blanche 1908 1980   “Ever Remembered, Ever Loved”  Erected by Husband Richard and Family
Ivany Patience July 15, 1878 Nov. 30, 1957   “Precious ones from us are gone
Voices we loved are still
Places vacant in our home
Which never can be filled”
Martin Hezekiah Oct. 7, 1873 Sept. 14, 1924  
Avery Violet   Nov. 21, 1930   “Ever Remembered, Ever Loved”    By Ellie and Lawrence
Ivany Caleb        
Ivany William Garfield   June 19, 1935 14 yrs. “Not now but in the coming years
It may be in the better land
We’ll know the meaning of our tears
And there oh then we’ll understand”  Erected by Father
Ivany Elizabeth        
Avery Fanny R. 1890 1984   “Ever Remembered, Ever Loved”
James 1878 1938  
Avery Mary Blanch   Oct. 28, 1930 9 yrs. Daughter of James and Fannie Avery
Dean Henry Thomas 1877 1930 53 yrs. “Not lost to memory
Or to love
But safe in our Father’s
Home above”
Lambert Eli Gladstone   Oct. 7, 1941 3 yrs. “Sleep in heavenly peace”  Son of Euclues & Leticia Lambert
Seward Clementine 1888 1974   “She lives with us in memory
And will forever more”
Seward William T.   Apr. 20, 1972 86 yrs. “On that bright immortal shore
We shall meet to part no more”  Husband of Clementine
Seward Jessie Ann   Aug. 5, 1912 52 yrs.  
Seward Adam   May 30, 1913 58 yrs.  
Langor Charles   Mar. 4, 1955 77 yrs. “Quick and sudden was your call
Your sudden death surprised us all
Only those who lost can tell
The pain of parting without farewell”  Erected by his wife
Seward Eric   Oct. 21, 1950 35 yrs. “Not lost to memory or to love
But safe in our Father’s home above”
Children of Mr. & Mrs. William T. Seward
Simeon   Jan. 27, 1946 29 yrs.
Elsie   Feb. 25, 1918 4 yrs.
Seward Jessie S. 1896 1983   “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want”  Erected by the Family
“Safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe on his gentle breast”   Erected by his wife
Obediah 1893 1957  
Seward Miriam   Oct. 29, 1948 65 yrs. “No one knows how much we miss you
No one knows what bitter pain
We have suffered since you left us
Life has never been the same”   Wife of Richard Seward
Seward Richard James   June 23, 1969 84 yrs. 8 mos. “Not lost to memory or to love
But safe in our Father’s home above”  Erected by his children and grandchildren
Dean Laura Frances Apr. 19, 1920 Mar. 5, 1953   “Ours for a little while
With Jesus forever”
“Our loved one sleeps here”
William John Oct. 8, 1910 Feb. 3, 1978  
Dean Ellen Grace 1903 1978 75 yrs. “She lives with us in memory
And will forever more”
Langer Jessie Dean 1884 1961 77 yrs. 2 mos. “She died as she lived
Trusting in God”
Avery Violet F. 1898 1984   “Always in our hearts”
Avery Josiah   Oct. 26, 1967 76 yrs. “There is a link death cannot sever
Love and remembrance last forever”   Husband of Violet Avery
Erected by wife, three sons, and daughter
Avery Shirley Barbara Dec. 5, 1948 Dec. 27, 1950 2 yrs., 22 days “A loving one from us is gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled”
Child of Mira and William Avery
Erected by family
Avery Samuel   Aug. 9, 1950   “Ever Remembered, Ever Loved”   Ellie & Lawrence
Lambert Eucluess G. 1893 1979   “His toil is past
His work is done
Fought the fight
The victory won”
“She lives with us in memory
And will forever more”
Erected by husband Euculess
Leticia M. 1899 1976  
Avery Elsie 1908 1980   “Ever Remembered, Ever Loved”
Erected by family
Avery Levi James 1897 1973   “His toil is past, his work is done
He fought the fight, the victory won”
Erected by wife and family


Below are the names of those interred but without identity markers at this cemetery. The list is not necessarily complete.

Name Given Birth Death / Interred Age Notes
Ivany Reuben   June 19, 1912 22 yrs son of Mark and Rebecca Jemima Ivany
Langer Jemima   May 26, 1913 69 yrs daughter of Thomas and Mary Langer
Ivany Simeon   June 8, 1914 21 yrs husband of Florence (Martin)
Avery Newman   January 22, 1915 40 yrs husband of Sarah (Spurrell)
Langer Lucy   May 3, 1918 59 yrs wife of Joseph Langer
Dean Simeon   March 6, 1919 41 yrs son of William and Ellen Dean
Martin William C   September 18, 1922 1 ½ yrs son of Joseph and Lucy may martin
Langer Joseph   September 27, 1924 72 yrs husband of Lucy (Dean)
Avery Edgar Clarence   August 20, 1929 10 mos son of William Thomas and Eliza Avery
Lambert Henry   October 14, 1930 84 yrs husband of Sarah Ann (Langer)
Martin Lucy   March 27, 1931 35 yrs wife of Joseph Martin
Langor Simon   November 9, 1932 53 yrs husband of Rebecca (Avery)
Lambert Sarah   July 31, 1933 74 yrs 2nd wife of William Henry Lambert
Avery Samuel   August 11, 1934 66 yrs husband of Mary Elizabeth (Martin)
Avery Fanny   November 26, 1935 2 ½ mos daughter of Walter Newman and Eliza Jane Avery
Avery Hazel   November 27, 1936 7 days  
Avery Rebecca B   August 31, 1936 10 mos  
Avery John   August 9, 1937 72 yrs  
Avery Clarence M   March 19, 1938 9 mos  
Langor Eliza   September 3, 1940 71 yrs 2nd wife of Charles Langer Southport; born Hick’s Hbr (Thistle); 1st husband Adam Seward


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Updated by Leslie Dean, April 2015

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