Bethel (old – The Point) United Church Cemetery


Located on the Point, Little Heart’s Ease


Soper Cleophas   Aug 28 1967 77 yrs
4 mths
Another Link Is Broken In Our Household Band
But A Chain Is Forming In A Better Land
Soper Mediam Jane Oct 4 1900 Nov 11
  To Live In The Heart’s
of Those We Love Is Not
To Die
Price Benjamin 1886 1981   In Life And Death O
Lord Abide With Me
Peddle Jacob James 1910 1975   Asleep In The Arms
Of Jesus
[October 24, 1910 – October 24, 1975]
Jacobs Arthur
  Nov 25 1959 60 yrs (Note: this monument was placed by the Veterans)
Martin Samuel July 14 1964 July 14 1964   A Little Flower to Love
That Blossomed to Die
Transplanted Now Above
To Bloom With God On High
Martin Tony Nathan   Dec 18 1965    
Martin Miriam Aug 30 1903 May 17 1990   Now The Day Of Toil Is Done
And The Race Of Life Is Run
Father Grant Thy Wearied
One rest For Evermore
Martin William James   June 30 1965 88 yrs When For Awhile We Part
This Though Will Soothe Our pain
That We Shall Be Joined In Heart
And One Day Meet Again
Martin Herbert   July 9 1965 53 Yrs There Is A Link That Death
Cannot sever
Martin James W Aug 24 1880 July 21
77 yrs The Lord Is My Sheppard
Martin Mary Eliza   May 10 1963 87 yrs Some Day We Hope To Meet Again
Some Day We Know Not When
To clasp Your Hands In The Better Land
Never To Part Again
Martin Reuben   April  13 1954 89 yrs No One Knows How Much We
Miss You
No One Knows What Bitter Pain
That We Have Suffered Since You
Left Us
Life has Never Been The Same
Price John 1888 1972   Ever Remembered
Ever Loved
Bertha J 1910 1975  
Price Susannah   June 2 1959 70 yrs Just Away Where No Shadows Fall
In Perfect Peace Awaiting All
Longing Perhaps In Her Love To Say
I am Not dead. I Am Just Away
Peddle Samuel Aug 9 1884 July 14
Peddle Sarah Jane April 15 1875 Feb 17 1964    
Drodge Claribel Mar 1 1912 Mar 1 1992   She Died As She Lived
Trusting The Lord
Drodge Florence O Oct 12 1898 Aug 9
  Sleep On Beloved, Sleep
And Take Your Rest
Drodge Albert   Oct 23 1976   Our Loved One Sleeps Here
Rodrique Gilbert 1934 2009   We Love You
(Note: U.S. Air Force)
Green Annie May   April 13
77yrs Not Lost To Memeory Nor To Love
But Safe In Our Fathers’s Home Above
Bailey Kenneth 1902 1975   Abide With Me
Whalen William T July 28 1885 Jan 25
  Gone From Us But Leaving Memories
Death Can Never Take Away
Memories That Will Always Linger
While Upon …
Whalen Maud Dec 31 1888 April 15 1978 89 yrs Goodness An Mercy All My Life
Shall Surely Follow Me
And In Gods House Forevermore
My Dwelling Place Shall Be
Martin F. Nathan   Nov 6 1965 29 yrs Through His Smile Is Gone
And His Hand I Cannot Touch
Still I Have So Many Memories
Of The One I Loved So Much
Martin Ezekiel 1885 1976   Goodness An Mercy All My Life
Shall Surely Follow Me
And In Gods House Forevermore
My Dwelling Place Shall Be Goodness An Mercy All My Life
Shall Surely Follow Me
And In Gods House Forevermore
My Dwelling Place Shall Be
Martin Mary A 1891 1978   And So Through All The Length Of Days
Thy Goodness Faileth Never
Good Sheppard,  May I Sing Thy Praise
Within Thy House Forever. Amen
Martin Azariah Howard 1926 1996   Loved & Remembered
Soper Sarah Winifred   March 26
1 Month A Little Flower to Love
That Blossomed to Die
Transplanted Now Above
To Bloom With God On High
Strong Norah   Jan 5 1902 47 Yrs  
Whalen Fredrick V Sept 11
Jan 9
  Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Stringer Christine   Jan 11 1965   Now I Lay Me Down Sleep
Stringer Gilbert Aug 25 1904 Dec 31 1980   Our Loved One Sleeps Here
Drodge Wm Thomas   May 14 1940   How Sweet It Will Be In That
Beautiful Land
When Free From All Sorrow and Pain
With Songs On Our Lips And With
Harps In Our Hands
Drodge Selina   Oct 18 1915 31 yrs  
Drodge Eldon   Nov 19 1936 27 yrs When The Battle Is Ended Forever And
The Sword And The Shield Laid Aside
In That Kingdom Where Friends Never Sever
Won’t You Meet Me With Christ To Abide
Won’t You Meet Me In Heaven Some Beautiful Day
That Fair Home Of The Sinless And True …
Drodge Annie Florence Sept 21 1939 Oct 13 1942    
Drodge Vera Joyce   Sept 17 1937 4 yrs A Precious One From Us Is Gone
A Voice We Loved Is Still
A Place Is Vacant In Our Home
Drodge Jacob   Dec 12 1940 56 yrs No More On Earth With Pleasing Smile
And Kindly Word He’ll Greet Us
But Calmly Wait A Little While
On The Other Side He’ll Meet Us
Drodge Mary Lavina   Sept  18
35 yrs  
Drodge Solomon   Jan 181924 84 yrs  
Soper Margaret   May 8 1951 93 yrs  
Soper Jonah   Nov 18 1957 81 yrs
8 mths
When The Shadows Of The Evening Falling
And Sitting All Alone
In Our Hearts There Came A Longing
For The One That’s Not At Home
Soper William 1908 1983   Forever in Our Hearts
Drodge Wilfred Lloyd Stanley    Sept. 7, 1925   Son of Eli and Ethel Drodge
Drodge Eleazar   Jan 5 1905 37 yrs Tis Ours To Miss Thee All Our Years
And Tender Memories Of Thee Keep
Thine In The Lord To Rest, For So
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
Stringer Cassandra   Feb 13 1956 87 yrs In Death’s Dark Vale I Fear No Ill,
With Thee, Dear Lord, Beside Me,
Thy Rod and Staff My Comfort Still,
The Cross Before To Guide Me
Martin Lydia 1895 1985   She Lives With Us In Memory
And Will For Evermore
Rest In Peace
Drodge Jessie   Jan 23 1936 63 yrs
5 mths
Husband And Children I Must
Leave You
Yes Leave You All Alone,
But My Blessed Saviour Calls Me
Calls Me To A Heavenly Home
Drodge Hannah Mildred   March 16
17 yrs Asleep In Jesus Far From Thee
…  And Their Graves
May Be
But Thine Is Still Blessed
From Which …
Drodge Emily Jane   Mar 16
79 yrs My Heavenly Home Is Bright And Fair
Nor Pain Nor Death Can Enter There …
Headstone Unreadable          
Drodge Lydia Jane   1945   With Us For A Little While
With Jesus Forever
Drodge Ethel May Jan 19 1896 June 15 1992   I Have Fought A Good Fight
I Have Finished My Course
I Have Kept The Faith
Drodge Eli April 24 1891 Sept 22 1976   In God’s House For Evermore
My Dwelling Place Shall Be
Soper Reuben    May 19, 1929 75 yrs In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
Susanna   Nov 26, 1908 52 yrs
Drodge Jane   March 3 1948 84 yrs  
Drodge Joseph   May 21 1927 65 yrs Servants Of God Well Done
Thy Glorious Warfare’s
The Battles Fought The Race Won …
Martin Moses   June 18 1970 86 yrs Those Whom We Loved Go Out Of Sight
But Never Out Of Mind
They Are Cherished In The Hearts
Of Those They Leave Behind
Martin Emelina   March 14
65 yrs Sleep On Dear One Your Work Is O’er
Your Willing Hands Will Toil No More
But Oh How Kind You Were And True
No Friends On Earth We’ll Like You
Deep In Our … Memory Is Kept
We’ll Smile … But Never
Martin Maria   Jan 19 1916 1 mth Rest For The Little Sleeper
Baker Henry George   October 1935 2 yrs
6 mths
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Whalen Annie   July 1 1939 22 yrs In Heaven No Sickness May Be seen
No Hurt, No Pain, No Sore
In Heaven There is No Dread
Of Death
Martin Annie   June 25 1904 25 yrs She Is Waiting For Us In The Glorious
Eden-land, Which Lies Beyond
Martin George   Dec 4 1911 31 yrs Sleep On Beloved Sleep In Take Thy Rest
Lay Down Thy Head Upon Thy Saviours Breast
We Loved Thee Well But Jesus Loved Thee Best
Good Night, Good Night, Good Night
Dorcas (Hiscock)   Sept 25 1909 32 yrs
Martin Ezekiel Eric   June 1, 1935 2 yrs, 9 months  
Martin Annie Bernice   Nov 3 1944 3 yrs There with Happy Children
Robed In Snowy White
I Shall See My Saviour
In That World So Bright
Martin Ralph J   June 15 1940 27 yrs Ever Near Us Tho’ Unseen
Thy Immortal Spirit Treads
For All The Foundless Universe
Is Life-There are No Dead
Martin Mary Ann   Jan 16 1902 52 yrs  
Martin Samuel   Sept 25 1920 75 yrs  
Martin Mary   May 20 1935 66 yrs Thy Will Be Done
Martin William   Aug 28 1938 68 yrs  
Soper Henry   Aug 13 1901 71 yrs At rest And Peace With God
Soper  Eliza B.    Jan. 14, 1909  42 yrs  
King William Silas   Jan 2 1944 6 1/2 mths Death May Come And Taken You From Us
Oh It Was A Bitter Blow
If We Only Could Have Kept You
We Would Have Let You Go
King William T Aug 12 1914 Jan 21 2004   Ever Remembered
Ever Loved
Gladys Jan 24 1917 Feb 1 2004  
Stringer Elizabeth   May 12 1955 80 yrs Asleep In God’s Beautiful Garden
Far From All Sorrow And Pain
Some Day When Life’s Journey Is Ended
We’ll Meet Our Dear  Mother Again
Stringer Jonah   April 25 1952 77 yrs Calm And Peaceful He Is Sleeping
Sweetest Rest That Follows Pain
We Who Loved Him Sadly Miss Him
But Trust God To Meet Again
Stringer Simeon   June 21 1925 26 yrs We Cannot Tell Who Next May Fall
Beneath Thy Chastening Rod
One Must Be First; But Let Us All
Prepare To Meet Our God
Stringer Richard John Nov 29 1926 1928 2 yrs Children of Gilbert and Sarah Stringer
Stringer Catherine Florence   1938 6 wks Children of Gilbert and Sarah Stringer
Stringer Gilbert   Dec 15 1892 19 yrs  
Stringer Sarah   Oct 16 1945 42 yrs No One Knows How Much We Miss You
No One Knows What Bitter Pain
We Have Suffered Since You Left Us
Life Has Never Been The Same
Martin John   May 19 1871 9 yrs  
Martin Sarah   June 19 1899 4 yrs and
8 mths
Martin Richard   Mar 13 1902    
Whalen Melvina Sept 28 1920 Oct 18 1945   In This Churchyard On The Hillside
Where The Flowers Gently Wave
Lies The One We Loved So Dearly
In A Silent Lonely Grave
Whalen Linda Mar 21 1943 May 27 1943    
Whalen Gloria Aug 29
May 19 1945    
King Adora 1890 1976   We Cannot Think Of Her As Dead Who Walk With Us
No More Along The Path Of Life She tread
She Have But Gone Before
King Bartholomew 1885 1974   We Shall Meet in Heaven
Sleep On Beloved Sleep And
Take Thy Rest
Stringer Eiza Jane   May 5 1909 33 yrs  
Stringer Mary   July 4 1943 72 yrs
3 mths
Dearest Mother How We Loved
Oft We Kissed Loving Brow
Thus To Day Our Hearts Are Aching
For We Have No Mother Now
Martin Agnes   Jan 16 1936 87 yrs Servant Of God, Well Done
Thy Glorious Warfare Past’s
The Battles Fought The Race Is Won
And Thou Are Crowned At Last
Martin Eli   Jan 15
73 yrs Top of Headstone reads:
Gone But Not Forgotten
Thy Will Be Done …
Martin Newman   June 20
18 yrs  
Martin Solomon 1889 1965   He Bringeth Them Unto Their Haven
Martin Gladys 1895 1928   He Bringeth Them Unto Their Haven
Whalen Graham Lester   May 12 1937 13 yrs
3 mths
Jacobs William H   Sept 9
74 yrs Ever Near Us Tho’ Unseen
Thy Immortal Spirit Treads
For All The Boundless Universe …
Jacobs Mary M   Aug 25 1961 85 yrs When From The Dust Of Dead I Rise
To Claim My Mansion In The Skies
Even Then This Shall Be All My Plea
Jesus Had Lived and Died For Me
Peddle Solomon   March 10
74 yrs Thou Art Gone But Not Forgotten
Never Shall Thy Memory Fade
Loving Thoughts Will Always Linger
Round The Grave Where Thou Art Laid
Sleep In Jesus Blessed Sleep
From Which None Ever Wakes
To weep
Peddle Naomi   April 20 1965 79 yrs Sleep on Beloved Sleep
And Take Thy Rest
We Love Thee Well
But Jesus Loves Best
Forever With The Lord
Martin Anora   Jan 11 1929 27 yrs 6 mths  
Spurrell Irene 1930 1930   Now I Lay
Me Down To Sleep
King Cecile 1890 1917    
Martin Hayward 1930 1955    
Martin Emeline 1905 1930    
Martin Newman   July 11 1949 45 yrs Softly At Night The Stars Are Shinning
On A Silent Lonely Grave
Where Lies The One We Love So Dearly
… Loved We Could Not Save
Martin Hayward   Sept 18 1927 18 yrs
10 mths
A Precious One From Us Is Gone
A Voice We Loved Is Still
A Place Made Vacant In Our Hearts,
Which Never Can Be Filled
Martin Jemima   May 21 1953 73 yrs In Memory We See Her Just The Same
As Long As We Live We Shall
Treasure Her Name
Deep In Our Hearts She is Yet
We Love Her Too Dearly To Ever
Martin Richard John   April 21 1923   In The Land Beyond To-Morrow
There Will Surely Be A Day
When We’ll Once More See Our
Loved One,
Who Has Only Passed Away
Stringer George   Jan 8 1950 80 yrs  
Stringer James   Oct 31 1904 69 yrs  
Stringer Patience   Jan 8 1927 90 yrs
7 mths
Just Over This River I’m Going
The Angels Are Watching for Me
In The Bright Starry Portals Of Heaven
The Faces Of Loved Ones I’ll See
Stringer William Thomas   Jan 14 1930 63 yrs Over The River They Call Me,
Friends That Are Dear To My Heart.
Soon Shall I Meet Them In Glory
Never No Never To Part

Transcribed by Lester Green, November 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.