Clay Pits Anglican Cemetery

Located in a wooded area on the far left hand side of Clay Pitts, behind the cabin.

Benson Susan   Mar. 28, 1932 70 years We shall meet againIn loving memory of mother and father
Alexander   Feb. 17, 1932 79 years, 6 months
Benson Druscilla   [5] Aug. 1926  53 years In loving memory of Druscilla Benson died Aug. 1926 And Adam Benson died Dec 1928
Adam   [19] Dec 1928 65 years
Benson Levi   Sept. 4, 1923 20 years Sacred to the memory of Levi Benson who died at the General Hospital St. John’s  [son of Adam and Druscilla (Gooby) Benson]
Benson Mary Ann   Dec. 10, 1917 19 years, 10 months Gone but not forgotten. In the loving memory of Mary Ann Benson. Affections tribute here I raise, Tis all that I can do, Till death shall close my earthly days. [daughter of Alexander and Susan (Spurrell) Benson.]
Vardy George   18 Jan 1882 64 years George Vardy JP A Native of Burton Green near Christchurch England  [husband of Mary (Martin) Vardy]


Others that are buried in this cemetery without headstones

Name Death/Burial Date Born/Burial Place Age Relationships
Elenor Benson June 9 1891 Clay Pitts 67 Wife of Isaac Benson
Mary Vardy Jan 12 1895

Jan 15 1895

Clay Pitts 78 Wife of George Vardy
Isaac Benson Jan 29 1897

Jan 31 1897

Clay Pitts 82 Husband of Elenor Benson
Llewellyn Benson October 13 1908

October 14 1908

Clay Pitts 2 months Son of Adam Benson and Drucilla Gooby


Other possibilities

William Vardy, son of George Vardy and Mary Martin   b. April 16, 1842  d. November 13, 1842

John Vardy, son of George Vardy and Mary Martin b. September 6, 1844  d. October 26, 1860

James Vardy, son of George Vardy and Mary Martin b. March 11, 1847   d. June 3, 1847

Harriett Vardy, daughter of George Vardy and Mary Martin  b. June 1, 1851   d. Feb 28, 1853

Cecilla Vardy, Daughter of James Vardy and Magdalene Bursey  b. 1876  d. Jan 10, 1882

John Benson, son of Isaac Benson and Eleanor Pelley  b. March 20 1848   d. June 26 1873


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, May 2014. Updated Lester Green, March 2016

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