Little Heart’s Ease Salvation Army Cemetery (by the pond)


Near the Pond

Jacobs Maxwell March 30 1967 April 2 1967   Son of Lindsay and Joyce Jacobs
Chaulk William James 1893 1958    
Sarah Stacey 1901 1998  
Chaulk William J.   Nov 20 1958 65 Private, Royal Nfld Regt
[This is a separate memorial headstone for William J Chaulk]
Hiscock Robert   Nov 23 1965 78 yrs 11 mos Though his smile is gone forever
And his hands we cannot touch
We shall never lose sweet memories
Of the one we loved so much
Hiscock Sarah Ann   Nov 23 1961 64 yrs We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee the best
Jacobs Calvin   Dec 11 1951 2 mos
6 dys
Ever remembered by Father, Mother , Brother & Sister
Jacobs Hayward Ross   Nov 26 1957 8 yrs
3 mos
Our darling one hath gone before
To greet us on the blissful shore
Jacobs Pelina   Jan 17 1957 37 yrs Affection’s tribute here I raise,
Tis all I can do,
Till death shall close my earthly days,
Our friendship to renew
Dodge Claribelle   Dec 7 1965 30 yrs She live with us in memory
And will forever more
Stinger Jessie Francis   Oct 22 1963 74 yrs Peacefully sleeping resting at last,
The worlds weary troubles and trials are past,
Till God called her home to suffer no more
T.S.   1901 1994   [The letters stand for Thomas Stringer, husband of Jessie Francis Stringer (nee Drodge)]
Unknown         [wooden cross]
Peddle Pricilla 1918 1987   Gone but not forgotten by the family
Peddle Gillis A 1911 1990   Gone but not forgotten by the family
Jacobs Isaac   June 24 1961 53 yrs On that bright immortal shore
We shall meet to part no more
Jacobs George   May 17 1959 80 yrs
6 mos
I cannot thik of them as dead.
Who walk with me no more:
Along the path of life I tread.
Thee have but gone before.
Jacobs Mary Jane   Nov 26
86 yrs
2 mos
Each time we see your picture
It seems to smile and say:
Don’t cry I am with God
We will meet again some day
Price Stephen 1875 1958   Ever remembered, Ever loved
Price Jessie 1892 1958   Ever remembered, Ever loved
Unknown         [wooden Headstone]
Drodge Fredrick 1919 1949   Precious memories
Drodge John 1879 1963    
Drodge Leslie 1921 1954    
Spurrell James   Mar 27 1956   He is gone but not forgotten
Never will his memory fade
Sweetest thoughts will always linger
Around the spot where he is laid
Spurrell Elizabeth   Mar 7 1959   Calm and peaceful she is sleeping
Sweetest rest that follows pain
We who loved her sadly miss her but trust in God to meet again.
Drodge William T. Aug 25 1889 June 12 1971   A wonderful father gone to rest,
For each of us he did his best.
His love was true his heart was kind
A better father none could find
Drodge Rebecca Jane   Dec 30 1956 64 yrs We loved thee but Jesus loved the best
Jacobs Samuel 1902 1962   Asleep in the arms of Jesus
Annie 1907 2001  
Drodge William S 1901 1954   [Also two other unknown wooden crosses in same plot]
Peddle John   May 17 1951   Our home has changed in many ways
Since we were all together
The family chain is broken
But a band is forming in a better land.
George   Sept 11 1963  
Peddle Josiah   Feb 24 1965   God saw you getting weary.
He knew you needed rest:
His garden must be beautiful.
For he only picks the best.
[Erected by Augustus and Effie Moyles]
Unknown Plot          
Strong George 1913 1967   The call was sudden, the shock severe
To part with one we loved so dear
Greene Cynthia Glennis 1962 1964   Daughter of William and Olive Greene
Jacobs David   Oct 29 1967 72 yrs A loved one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled
Jacobs Alice Feb 2 1897 Oct 21 1979   She lives with us in memory
And will forever more
Unknown plot          


Transcribed by Lester Green, May 2014
These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.