St. Jones Without (old) Anglican Cemetery

Old Anglican cemetery by the Anglican Church

Green Leander June 13, 1913 8 mos
21 dys
Who fell asleep in Jesus
We can sadly say our Darling Son
Our darling we leave in his trust
Green Lydia Aug 25, 1927 51 yrs For days and nights she bore in pain
To try to sleep was all in vain
God saw her to and thought it best
To take her home with him to rest
Green Jehu Oct 20, 1925 59 yrs Ahh is sad within our mind
But lonely are our hearts today
For the one we loved so
Dearly has forever passed awayFootstone:
Erected by his 8 daughters
“Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast
We have kissed his loving brow
And in our aching hearts
We know we have no Father now.”
Green Willis Gordon May 9 1913 5 mths
9 dys
“His little crib is empty now
His little clothes lay by
Mother’s hope and Father’s Pride


Transcribed by Lester Green, August 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.