St. Peter’s Anglican Cemetry

St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Little Heart's Ease

St. Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Little Heart’s Ease

Located in Little Harbour

Benson Annie B. 1917 1986   In loving memory of Annie B. Benson. She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
Benson David 1900 1978   In loving memory of David Benson. Beloved husband of Annie B. Benson. To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
Benson Alexander George Sept. 24, 1947 June 26, 2005   Beloved husband and father Alexander George Benson. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Norris Mary Elizabeth   Sept. 23, 1913 23 years, 11 mons Gone but not forgot. In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Norris.
We miss thee from our home dear,
We miss thee from thy place
A shadow o’er our life is cast
We miss the sunshine of thy face,
We miss thy kind and willing hand
Thy fond and earnest care,
Our home is dark without thee
We miss thee everywhere.
Norris Isaac   Oct. 4, 1912 2.5 months In loving memory of. Darling children of John and Mary Norris
Alice   Aug. 14, 1911 1 day
Dodge Mary J. 1905 1989   Forever in our hearts.
John 1900 1964  
Dodge Stephen 1912 1952   Erected by Janie.
James 1903 1976  
Dodge Eliza Jane 1923 2012   Forever loved by Rod, Beulah & Laura
Dodge Joseph   June 29, 1972 57 years  
Dodge John   Mar. 14, 1944 54 years, 2 mos Erected by his wife and children. In loving memory of John Dodge.
No one knows how much we miss you,
No one know what bitter pain
We have suffered since you left us
Life has never been the same.
Dodge Belinda   Sept. 4, 1975 89th year In loving memory of Belinda wife of John Dodge.
A chapter completed
A page turned
A life well-lived
A rest well-earned.
Dodge Susannah   Jan. 2, 1902   In memory of Susannah beloved wife of Mathias Dodge.
Dodge William       In loving memory of William Dodge. Ever loved by sister Janie.
Dodge Robert June 22, 1871 Jan. 1, 1939   In loving memory of Robert and Mary E. Dodge. Ever remembered, ever loved by Janie.
Mary E. Sept. 18, 1871 Feb. 7, 1942  
Unknown         3 crosses
Dodge Robert Lester Aug. 6, 1927 Aug. 15, 1927   In loving memory of
Unknown         cross
Benson Myra Gertrude   March 15, 1940 20 months In loving memory of Myra Gertrude Benson.
Asleep in God’s beautiful garden
Free from all sorrow and pain
Some day when life’s journey is ended
We will meet our dear loved one again.
Smith Ernest   Aug. 14, 1936   Now I lay me down to sleep.
Norris James Jr.        
Norris Cassandra        
Norris James Sr.        
Unknown         P.S.
Benson Isaac Jan. 27, 1896 July 26, 1977 81 years In loving memory of Isaac Benson.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.
Erected by the Benson family.
Benson George Jan. 17, 1903 Apr. 9, 1990   Rest in Peace.
Smith Anthony Charles April 30, 1997 April 30, 1997   Sadly missed by Mom and Dad, sister Hannah and families. Asleep in the arms of Jesus.
Smith Abraham 1923 1997   Wed March 26, 1946
Elizabeth Avery 1929 1997  
Smith Robert J.   May 20, 1972 65 years, 5 months In loving memory of Robert J. Smith.
There is a link death cannot sever
Love and remembrance last forever.
Erected by his wife Mabel, three daughters, and five sons
Smith Mabel Jane Dec. 9, 1915 Jan. 14, 1992 76 years, 1 month In loving memory of Mabel Jane wife of Robert Smith.
Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Erected by the family.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, November 2014

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