Long Beach United Church Cemetery


United Church Cemetery, Long Beach

Long Beach United Church Cemetery


Located across from the Marina in Long Beach up a small hill.

Avery Barry Edgar March 21, 1967 November 9, 2005   Loving memories last forever.
Carol Ann August 9, 1964 November 9, 2005   Always loving always loved.
Brayden Thomas Calvin Dec. 16, 2000 Nov. 9, 2005   Our precious angels.
Allissa Haley Mar. 23, 1999 Nov. 9, 2005  
Avery Edgar   March 3, 1967 68 years In loving memory of.Beloved husband of Victoria Avery Those whom we love go out of sight but never out of mind. They are cherished in the hearts of those they leave behind. Erected by his sons
Avery Victoria May Dec. 14, 1903 March 6, 1987   In loving memory of. Our loved one sleeps here.
Avery Ella   Oct. 13, 1939 4 years, 10 months Gone but not forgotten. In loving memory of Beloved children of Victoria and Edgar Avery He gathered the lambs in his arms.
Annie   June 3, 1942 3 years, 2 months
Avery Jehu   June 8, 1945 16 years, 10 months In loving memory of. Beloved son of Edgar & Victoria Avery. No more restless nights dear Jehu. No more weary hours of pain. Thou art passed from thy suffering.And to die is Jesus’ gain.
Avery Eleazer   Aug. 3, 1937 74 years In loving memory of dear Father.Forever with the Lord. Erected by son Edwin
Avery Emily   1904 35 years In loving memory of. Beloved wife of Eleazer Avery. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Erected by her son William
Avery Emily   1923   Beloved children of Alfred & Sarah Avery
Alice Fanny   1926  
John Francis   1928  
Alfred Wilbert   1935  
Avery Ernest R   December 4, 1982 63 years Nfld. Forestry WW2
Avery Hilda Dianne Nov. 21, 1949 May 8, 1950   Safe in the arms of Jesus
Avery John R   Aug. 9, 1968 96 years In loving memory of father. May his soul rest in peace.
Avery Bertha   April 23, 1943 65 years Gone but not forgotten. In loving memory of.Beloved wife of John R. Avery who departed this life. Dearest mother thou hast left us. And our lost we deeply feel. But tis God who has bereft us. He will all our sorrows heal. Grant her eternal rest O Lord.
Avery Lawrence J 1951 1994   Ever remembered, ever loved by wife Ann, daughter Stephanie and family.
Hyde Sarah Ann (Peddle) Avery May 1, 1951 Jan. 14, 2015    
Avery Lucinda   1922 81 years In loving memory of.Rest in peace Erected by William Avery
Avery Phyllis   April 27, 1944 9 years In loving memory of our dear daughter.Erected by mother Bessie Avery
Avery Walter James Jan. 12, 1907 May 13, 1992   Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal Ever remembered, ever loved by wife Alice and family.
Avery Alice September 9, 1921 April 22, 2013   I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever Ever remembered. Ever loved by family
Avery Stanley J   Oct. 1944 28 days In memory of. Darling child of Walter and Alice Avery
Avery William   May 20, 1983 88 years Seaman, Royal Navy, WW1
Avery Susanna 1907 2008   Ever remembered, ever loved.
Avery Willis Thomas Aug. 26, 1943 Jan. 30, 1993   Ever remembered, ever loved by wife Eileen and family
Avery Jean 1948 2015    
Avery Melvin Baxter February 15, 1943 February 7, 2014    
Avery Dinah September 14, 1943 March 24, 2016   I shall not want
He maketh me to lie
Down in green pastures
He leadeth me beside
The still waters.
Drodge E. Ralph 1926 1991   Safe in the heavenly harbour. All my work on earth has ended. But I haven’t left you really. Feel the wind I’m all around. Ever remembered, ever loved.
Drodge Sarah   Nov. 25, 1912 15 years Erected by Eli. In loving memory of his sister. Who fell asleep in Jesus. Just over the river I’m going. The angels are waiting for me. In the bright starry portals of Heaven. The faces of loved ones I’ll see.
Vey Alfred   Sept. 22, 1915 72 years In loving memory of.To die is …
Vey Maria   Sept. 1, 1911 62 years In loving memory of. Beloved wife of Alfred Vey. A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts. That never can be filled.
Vey Alfred Gordon   June 6, 1917 18 months In loving memory of.Beloved child of Herbert and Edna Vey. He’s gone to worlds above. Where saints and angels meet. To realize our saviour’s love. And worship at his feet.
Vey Hayward   July 2, 1945 28 years In loving memory of.Beloved husband of Annie Vey and son of Herbert and Edna Vey. Drowned You are gone but not forgotten. Never shall your memory fade. Sweetest thoughts will ever linger around the grave where you are laid.
Vey Simeon   Feb. 3, 1956 82 years Meet me in heaven. In loving memory of. Erected by loving wife Effie and family. Lo, these are they from suffering great. Who came to realms of light. And in the blood of Christ has washed.  These robes which shine so bright.
Smith Victor K. Aug. 9, 1932 Feb. 1, 2017   Forever loved & remembered
Smith V. Jeffrey May 22, 1959 Oct. 31, 2016   Forever loved & remembered
Smith F. Aneta June 22, 1933 March 3, 2019   Vey
It is well with my soul
Vey Walter James   April 10, 1913 1 year & 7 months In loving memory of.Beloved son of Simeon & Effie Vey. A little flower of love. But blossomed but to die. Transplanted now above. To bollom with God on high.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, May 2014

 These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.