Lovell’s 1871 Business Directory

Fox Harbour
Trinity Bay Region

Fox Harbour – A small fishing settlement on east side of Placentia Bay, district of Placentia and St. Mary’s. Distant from Placentia by road 9 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 60. [Note: Someone has handwritten in the margin “Trinity Bay” and “name changes”.]

DEEN [DEAN] William Fisherman
EVERY [AVERY] James, jun. Fisherman
EVERY [AVERY] James, sen. Planter
EVERY [AVERY] Thomas Fisherman
LAMBERT John Fisherman
MARTIN Joseph Fisherman
MILLER Thomas Fisherman
POND James Fisherman
SMITH Thomas Fisherman
WELLS William Fisherman
WHITE William Fisherman


Heart’s Ease
Trinity Bay Region

A fishing settlement at the bottom of Trinity Bay, on the south side, district of Trinity, at the entrance to Random Sound. Distant from Heart’s Content by boat 15 miles. Mail weekly. Population 100.

BAKER Charles Fisherman
BAKER Henry Fisherman
BOLSAM [BALSON] Robert Fisherman
DODGE John Fisherman
DODGE Joseph Fisherman
DODGE Robert, jun. Fisherman
DODGE Robert, sen. Fisherman
FARREL Martin Fisherman
LANGER James Fisherman
SEWARD Joseph Fisherman
SEWARD Mark Fisherman
SEWARD Peter Fisherman
SEWARD Richard Planter
SEWARD Solomon Planter
SMITH Benjamin Fisherman
SPERL [SPURRELL] David Fisherman
SPERL [SPURRELL] Moses Fisherman
SPERL [SPURRELL] Uriah Fisherman


Random Sound
Trinity Bay Region

A peculiar and beautiful passage on the north side of Trinity Bay, in the district of Trinity, which seperates Random Island from the mainland. It forms three sides of a square and about thirty miles round with a width varying from a quarter of a mile to two miles. The land around is very fertile, but almost unoccupied. The inhabitants are engaged in lumbering, farming and salmon fishing, in conjunction with the cod fishery. Distant at its southern entrance from New Harbor by boat 13 miles, and at the northern entrance from New Bonaventure by boat 8 miles. Mail weekly. Population 540.

BAKER John Fisherman
BALSON George Fisherman
BENSON Hezekain Fisherman
BENSON David Planter
BENSON Isaac Fisherman
BLANDON Alfred Fisherman
BLANDON Stephen Fisherman
BLANDON William Fisherman
BROWN John Fisherman
BRYANT Charles Fisherman
CLINCH Charles Fisherman
COOPER Absolom Fisherman
COOPER John Fisherman
CROCKER George Fisherman
DRODGE George Fisherman
DRODGE Solomon Fisherman
DROVER James, junior Fisherman
DROVER James, senior Fisherman
EDY Henry Fisherman
EVERY Elias Fisherman
FRUST James Planter
HISCOCK Matthew Fisherman
HUNT John Fisherman
JACOBS James Fisherman
JACOBS John Fisherman
KING Edward Fisherman
KING Philip Fisherman
KING Simeon Fisherman
LONE Benjamin Fisherman
MARTIN Eli Fisherman
MARTIN Henry Fisherman
MARTIN John Planter
MARTIN John Fisherman
MARTIN Mathias Planter
NORRISS William Fisherman
NOSEY John Fisherman
PALMER David Fisherman
PARSONS Henry Fisherman
PARSONS Samuel Fisherman, South West Arm
PARSONS Thomas Fisherman
PEDDLE Caleb Fisherman
PEDDLE John Fisherman
REED George Fisherman
REED James Fisherman
REED Richard Fisherman
ROULY Richard Fisherman
RYAN John Fisherman
SASFORD Charles Fisherman
SHAW George Planter
SHAW John Planter
SHORT Samuel Fisherman
SMITH Moses Fisherman
SMITH Thomas Fisherman
STOYLS Alfred Fisherman
STOYLS John Fisherman
STOYLS James Fisherman
STRINGER Henry Fisherman
STRINGER James Fisherman
SUMMERS James Fisherman
TILLY Joseph Fisherman
TILLY Joseph Fisherman
TISTLE Samuel Fisherman
VARDY George Fisherman
VEY James Fisherman

Note: Names are given as they were recorded. Any corrections are noted in the square brackets.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, September 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material