Marriage announcements – 1910s

William F. Churchill and Jessie Whalen (Evening Telegram, December 6, 1910)

Wedding at Northern Bight – a very pretty wedding took place on Saturday last, November 27th, at St. Michael’s Church, when Mr. William F. Churchill and Miss Jessie Whalen were joined in holy wedlock by the Rev. Prescott. The bride was dressed in a handsome white princess dress and white velvet picture hat and veiling to match. The bridesmaid, a sister of the groom, Miss Churchill, wore a dress of white and a blue picture hat to match. The groom was supported by Mr. George Cooper. The bride received many nice presents from her friends. The wedding party spent a most pleasant and enjoyable time and kept the festivities up until daylight. Wishing the bride and bridegroom many long and prosperous years of peace and happiness.


T. Martin and Kathleen A. Stringer (Evening Telegram, November 4, 1914)

 ET Nov 4 1914

Wedding Bells


Grate’s Cove was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Thursday last when Mr. T. Martin, of Grate’s Cove, and Miss Kathleen A Stringer, of Hodge’s Cove, T. B., were united in the bonds of holy matrimony by the Rev. E Higgit, Incumbent of Bay de Verde. The bride was very tastefully attired in cream crepe-de chene and carried a bouquet of sweet peas. The bridesmaids were Misses Maud Avery, Jane Noel, Lizzie Hodder and Virtue Benson, while Mr. E Martin, J. Hodder and C. W. Benson ably supported the groom. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the groom; many friends of the bride and groom were present. Including Miss Bartlett, Miss A S Meadus, Miss M Carbery and Miss Doyle. Also Mr. F Martin and Mr. H F Mearvis. Both the bride and groom received many valuable and useful presents testifying to the esteem in which the young couple are held. Rev. Mr. Higgit delivered a short address after the ceremony on the beauty and dignity of the married life, and wished the young couple every joy and felicity and a smooth passage on the sea of matrimony in which wish the writer earnestly joins.


R. Gardner and M.K. Peddle (Evening Telegram, December 21, 1912)

 ET Dec 21 1912


The wedding of Mr. R. Gardner, of St. John’s, to Miss M. K. Peddle, of Hodge’s Cove. T. B., took place at that settlement a few days ago. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Butler. Mr. M. Peddle acted as best man and Miss Alice Peddle assisted the bride. Alter the ceremony an enjoyable time was spent by the friends of the bride and groom who arrived here yesterday. Mr. Gardner will shortly take charge of the S.S. Progress.


John Green, Jr. and Mary Jane Downey (Evening Telegram, December 6, 1913)

 Wedding John Green_Evening telegram_Dec 6, 1913


On Dec. 1st [1913] at St. Jones Without, T.B., a very pretty wedding took place, when Mr. John Green, Jr., son of Mr. Charles Green of that place was united in holy matrimony to Mary Jane Downey, of that place, but who for a few months had been residing in St. John’s. The ceremony was preformed by Rev. Mr. Richards, Methodists Minister, of the Random South Circuit. Mr. Leander Green was groom’s best man and Miss Minnie Green assisted the bride. The wedding was kept up in the home of the groom, where the good friends of St. Jones Without met for a sumptuous repast. Mr. and Mrs. Green have the hearty wishes of all for many years of happy wedded life.


Philip Stanley and Mary Vardy (Evening Telegram, August 3, 1914)

Wedding Bells – At the Methodist Church, Clarenville, on Thursday, July 23rd at 5 p.m. by the Rev. J.C. Winsor, Mr. Philip Stanley and Miss Mary Vardy were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride’s trouseau was beautifully arranged. After the ceremony a reception was given at 7 p.m. in their new residence to upward of a hundred of their friends who wish them both an unbroken period of conjugal felicity. Miss Susie Stanley and Mr. W. Wiseman acted as chefs and made things hum at the reception room. Mr. P. Stanley was formerly a locomotive engineer with the R. N. Co., and while working in that capacity gained a good knowledge of his work and was liked by all. His new home which he prepared for his happy young bride, is evidence enough that he considered the seriousness of that matrimonial contract before entering the field for better or for worse. Next to his young bride, we wish to congratulate him on his nice home and trust he will always enjoy the same. His present to the bride was a handsome gold watch and chain. Both were the recipients of many useful presents and all their friends here wish them many years of wedded bliss. M.I.B


Harry M. Frost and Edith Adey (Evening Telegram, January 2, 1917)

Wedding Bells

Wedding and Christmas bells almost struck their harmonious notes together when on last Friday after noon, at 3 o’clock, Mr. Harry M. Frost, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Frost, of Hillview, T.B., led to the altar at Lee Bight Methodist Church, Miss Edith Adey, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Adey, of that place. The bride looked charming, robed in white embroidered silk voile with bridal veil and wreath of orange blossoms. She was assisted (as chief bridesmaid) by Miss Florrie M. Frost, sister of the groom, who was gowned in white silk. Miss Ethel Snow and Miss Minnie Thistle assisted as brides maids, also, and were dressed in white embroidered and pale blue effects. The groom was supported by his brother Mr. W. B. Frost (as best man), assisted by Mr. Andrew Adey, brother of the bride and Mr. Egerton R. Hansford, nephew of the groom. The ceremony was performed by Rev. George Butt after which amid showers of rice and profuse congratulations, a general invitation was given to tea at the residence of the bride’s parents in Lee Bight, and then the bridal party accompanied by relative and friends, and amid volleys of musketry went to the house of the groom’s parents at Hillview and then the festive occasion began in earnest. Tables well stocked with some of the finest delicacies were in evidence until a late hour, and everybody from the very careful dyspeptic to the less careful and digestively perfect epcure could find an unlimited supply to suit their various tastes. Music, songs, ducts and recitations also led to the thorough enjoyment evening. The bride was the receipt of many useful and pretty treats. We all join in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Frost many years of wedding happiness and prosperity.

Clarenville, Dec 28, 1916


William Parsons and Hattie Symonds (Evening Telegram, June 30, 1917)

 article_clipping_0A very quiet but pretty -wedding took place at Hodge’s Cove, T. B., on Wednesday, June 21st, when Miss Hattie Symonds, daughter of Capt. William Symonds of Botwood, was united in matrimony to Mr. William Parsons, chief engineer of the S.S. Wren.The ceremony was performed in Mary’s Church by the Rev. W. A. Butler, brother in law of the groom. The bride wore a very pretty gown of ninon over liberty satin with bridal veil and wreath.

She was attended by the groom’s sister, Miss Effie Parsons, who was attired in blue silk.

The groom’s present to the bride was a handsome cheque, and to the bridesmaid a handsome ring with birthstone settings.

The Star extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, and wishes them many years of wedded happiness.


Loyal Baker and Eliza Churchill (Evening Advocate, November 9, 1917)

Page 9

Wedding Bells


On Nov. 7th a very pretty wedding was solemnized at St Thomas’s Church, when Rev. Moulton united in holy wedlock Mr. Loyal Baker, of the R. N. R., and Miss Eliza Churchill. The bride looked neat In white muslin and pale pink hat; and the bridesmaid was dressed In white, with hat to match. The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr. Edward Bailey. The groom was supported by a returned soldier. Mr. E. Benson. After the ceremony the party drove to the residence of the bride’s uncle, Colonial Street, where supper was served, Amongst the guests was the groom’s mother, which arrived in St John’s to attend the wedding. Both bride and groom are from North West Brook, Random South. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Baker many happy years of wedded life.


Nathan Churchill and Sarah J. Smith (Evening Telegram, December 18, 1917)

Wedding Bells

Cochrane Street Parsonage was the scene of a very pretty wedding, Saturday, December 15th, 1917 when Nathan Churchill of St. John’s was united in holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Sarah J. Smith, daughter of Aaron J. Smith of Bay Bulls Arm, T.B. by Rev. Dr. Bond of Cochrane Street Methodist Church.

The bride looked charming in a suit of cream voile with veil and hat to match; she was accompanied by Eldred Churchill, brother of the groom, while Miss Susie King acted as best maid with Miss Lizzie Green of St. Jones Without; John Churchill, who arrived in town just a few hours previous to the occasion, acted as bride’s boy. Three of our brave naval boys were among the guests, one of them being the brave Leander Green, D. S. M. of St. Jones Without. After the ceremony the happy couple went to their future home 53 Duckworth St. The bride was the recipient of some handsome presents. We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Churchill on entering newly wedded life and wish them happiness.

A Guest.


Michael Seward and Martha Murphy (St. John’s Daily Star, June 15, 1918)

Murphy – Leward
A very pretty wedding took place at the R.C. Cathedral on June 5th when Mr. Michael Leward, formerly of Heart’s Ease, T.B. led to the altar Miss Martha Murphy of this city. The ceremony was performed by the Rt. Rev. Monsignor McDermott, while the bride was aided by her sister Mary and the groom by his cousin Mr. Mike Flynn.
The bride was very nicely dressed in a suit of cream serge with hat to match. After the ceremony the evening being an ideal one, the merry party enjoyed a country drive after which arriving at the home of the bride, were met by a host of friends of both the bride and groom where a supper very nicely arranged by the bride’s sister was partaken of.
One could judge by the appearance of all that both were held in the highest esteem by their friends. A very enjoyable night was spent after which the many friends of both bride and groom parted, all wishing Mr. and Mrs. Leward many happy years of matrimonial bliss
A. Guest


Levi Green and Isabella (Spurrell) Smith (The Evening Advocate, May 8, 1919, page 5)

A very quiet but pretty wedding took place Tuesday, April 22nd at the home of Mr. Moses Seward Sr. when Mr. Levi Green was united in the holy bonds of Matrimony to Mrs. Isabella Smith daughter of Mr. Moses Spurrell of Butter Cove. The bride looked charming in her suit of white voile, with hat to match. The bride’s boys and bride’s girls are as follows: Mr. Alex Spurrell, as best man, brother of the bride and Miss Gertrude Sheppard. C of. E. teacher, as chief bride’s maid; Mr. James Smith, brother-in-law of the bride, and Miss Alice Smith, sister-in-law of the bride. Rev. D. E. Freke took the ceremony. After the ceremony was performed the happy couple wended their way to the home of the bride’s parents where a pleasant evening was spent by all. On Saturday the happy couple went by motor boat to their future home, St. Jones Without. We all wish them, many happy years of wedded bliss.



Captain Joseph Janes and Myra Avery (The Evening Advocate, May 31, 1919)



In the presence of a large gathering of friends the marriage of Miss Myra Avery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. [John Robert] Avery, to Captain Joseph Janes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Janes, took place May the 19th to the Methodist Church. Britannia. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. L. Pitcher. Music was given by Miss L. Ivany. The bride was exquisitely dressed in white voile, with bridal veil to match. She was attended by Miss Nance Currie. The groom was assisted by his

brother, Mr. Moses Janes. After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the groom’s father, where many friends were present and enjoyed a pleasant night. They received many valuable present. Wishing them bon voyage over the matrimonial sea.

ONE WHO WAS PRESENT. Britannia, May 21st. 1919.


Bernard Shaw and Katie Hallern (Evening Telegram, June 30, 1919)

 article_clipping_0Wedding Bells


A pretty wedding took place Sunday evening at the R.C. Cathedral, when ex-Private Bernard Shaw of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Little Hearts Ease, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Katie Hallern of St. Vincent’s, daughter of Frances and Mary Hallern. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Greene. The bride was charmingly attired in white silk with hat to match. She was attended by her cousin. Miss Florence Hallern, who was neatly attired in pink Georgette crepe and black picture hat. The groom was ably supported by Mr. Fred Newton, brother-in-law of the groom. After the ceremony the wedding party drove to the home of the brides brother, 15 Baxter’s Hill, when a reception was held and very enjoyable evening was spent. The bride was the recipient of many useful and valuable presents. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Shaw a bon voyage over the matrimonial sea.


Benjamin Smith – Mary Jane Lambert (Evening Advocate, August 8, 1919

Wedding Bells


(To The Editor)

Dear Sir:- Please permit space, in your much read paper to record the event of a very pretty wedding, the contracting parties being  Benjamin Smith, R.N.R., of Heart’s Ease to Miss Mary Jane Lambert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lambert  of Southport.

Owing to there being no minister in the Mission, the bridal party left Southport by the ss. Petrel on Friday afternoon, July 18th, for Heart’s Content, where Marriage ceremony, was performed on Friday Night in  the C. of E. church of St. Mary’s the Virgin, conducted by Rev. Canon Smart. R.D.

The bride looked charming in a dress of pale blue silk with bridal vail and orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of white carnations.  She was attended by Miss Alice Smith, sister of the groom, while the groom was ably supported by his brother-n-law Mr. Moses Seward.

The bridal party spent two days at Heart’s Content and arrived at Heart’s Ease, their future home, on Sunday afternoon by motor boat. On the following Wednesday night, July 23rd, a tea was held at the home of the groom’s mother, when quite a number of guests were entertained.  The bride was the recipient of many pretty presents. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Smith a long, pleasant, and prosperous voyage over the sea of matrimony.

Thanking you for spacing and wishing the Union and its worthy president every success.

Yours truly –
Hearts Ease, Random,
July 31st, 1919

Leander Green and Blanche Green (Evening Telegram, December 6, 1919)

 Wedding Bells_Leander and Blanche Green_December 6, 1919Wedding Bells

Green – Green

A pretty wedding was solemnized in the school chapel at St. Jones Without, T.B., on Thursday, Nov. 27th [1919], by the Rev. G.S. Templeton, when Miss Blanche Green was united in holy matrimony to Mr. Leander Green. The bride, who was given away by Mr. John Green, was very neatly attired for the occasion. The bridegroom who distinguished himself in the Great War, was worthy of a daughter of the land which he fought to save. The bride was the recipient of a number of useful presents. The reception was held at the home of the groom’s father, Mr. Mark Green. May the young married couple live long to enjoy many years of wedded happiness.


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