Marriage Certificates

Date Place Groom’s and Bride’s Name Age Status Occupation Religion Residence at time of Marriage Father’s name Rank or Profession of father By whom Married Witnesses
Dec. 8
Church of England, Chapel School, Hearts Ease Benjamin Smith  23  Bachelor  Fisherman   Gooseberry Cove  Benjamin Smith  Fisherman W. Llewellyn Ronilly Caleb Baker
Eliza Anderson  21  Spinster     Random  Edward Anderson  Fisherman Elizabeth Spurrell
Dec. 9
Church of England School House, Hearts Ease Mark Green  27  Bachelor  Fisherman   St. Jones Without  Levi Green  Fisherman Henry C.H. Johnson Charles Green
Caroline Dodge  20  Spinster     Hearts Ease  John Dodge  Fisherman Joseph Dodge and Elizabeth Smith
Dec. 24
St. Alban’s Church Urias Spurrell 24 Bachelor Fisherman   Butter Cove David Spurrell Fisherman Henry Petley William Spurrell
Eliza Ann Balsom 22 Spinster     Gooseberry Cove Robert Spurrell Fisherman George Balsom
Dec. 21
Methodist, Island Cove William Thomas Stringer         Heart’s Ease     George Stoney Jane Whalen
Mary Smith         Island Cove     Jonah Stringer
Dec. 25
Methodist, Clay Pitts Adam Benson         Clay Pitts     George Stoney Plemon Green
Druscilla Goobie         Queen’s Cove     John Drodge
Dec. 3
Anglican, Hodge’s Cove John Dodge  25  Bachelor  Fisherman   Little Harbour Matthias Dodge   Fisherman M.K. Gardner Bertha Peddle
Belinda Peddle  20  Spinster     Hodge’s Cove  David Peddle   George Jacobs
May 16
United Church, Curling Joseph Stringer         Hodge’s Cove     Walter W. Cotton John A McDonald
Matilda French         Mt. Moriah     Gertrude French
Dec. 28
Methodist,Little Heart’s Ease David Jacobs 22 Bachelor Fisherman Methodist Little Heart’s Ease     D.C. Freake Levi Jacobs
Lenora Alice Martin 20 Spinster House maid Methodist Little Heart’s Ease     Mary Martin
Mar. 18
 United, North West Brook  John Vivian       Methodist North West Brook     Dorman E. Freake Joseph Baker
 Alice Smith       Methodist North West Brook     Anne May Baker
 1919 Nov. 4  Anglican, Heart’s Ease Benjamin Smith  29  Bachelor  Fisherman   Gooseberry Cove  Benjamin Smith  Fisherman  Gordon S. Templeton Joseph Smith
 Minnie May Spurrell  22  Spinster  Housekeeper   Butter Cove  John Spurrell  Fisherman Alice Lizzie Smith
Feb. 22
Little Heart’s Ease Levi Jacobs         Little Heart’s Ease     L.W. Blundon John Robert Spurrell
Susie Lacey         Wesleyville     Marcie Snow
 1923 December 23  Methodist, Hillview Solomon Green                E. Roberts Gladys Stanford 
 Sarah Duffett                Andrew Greene
June 3
St. Mark’s, Long Beach William Smith 33 Bachelor Fisherman   Island Cove Albert Smith Deceased Max B. Way Henry G. Smith
Sarah Baker 23 Spinster     North West Brook Matthias Baker Fisherman Elsie Smith
Dec. 14
St. Mary’s, Hodge’s Cove Henry George Martin 28 Bachelor Fisherman   Heart’s Ease Moses Martin Fisherman James Pike William James Martin
Florence Smith 25 Spinster     Hodge’s Cove Wm. Henry Smith Fisherman Annie Smith
Dec. 23
Little Heart’s Ease William Green         St. Jones Without     Capt. Arthur Evans Raymond Jacobs
Olive Jacobs         Little Heart’s Ease     Maliata Jacobs

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