1919 Voters List

District of Trinity
Special List of Volunteers under Section IV., Chapter XV., 9-10, Geo. V.
competent to Vote for the Election of Members of the House of Assembly

5969 Baker, John Hodge’s Cove Volunteer under Section III, Election Act, 1919
6002 Butler, Alf. F. Random
6008 Churchill, A. Hillview, Random
6035 Conn, Levi S.W. Arm
6063 Frampton, Wm. G. White Rock
6087 Greene, Bartlett St. Jones Without
6129 Jacobs, Levi Heart’s Ease
6130 Jacobs, Arthur Little Heart’s Ease
6247 Shaw, D. Little Heart’s Ease
6248 Shaw, Wm. Little Heart’s Ease
6249 Shaw, Andrew Little Heart’s Ease
6305 Vey, Wilson Random
6306 Vivion, John Hillview
6333 Avery, Edgar Random
6342 Frost, Wm. Hillview
6358 King, John Little Harbour, Smith’s Sound
6376 Avery, Abraham Hillview
6377 Avery, Jos. Hillview
6378 Avery, Robert Long Beach
6379 Avery, Wm. Long Beach
6386 Baker, Loyal Hillview
6387 Balsom, Robert Heart’s Ease
6397 Bishop, Wm. G. Hatchet Cove
6398 Boone, Silas S.W. Arm, Random
6403 Bursey, Jos. A. Hillview
6420 Cooper, Caleb Hillview, Queen’s Cove
6431 Cram, Jas. Queen’s Cove
6432 Cram, Jos South West Arm
6434 Critch, Walter Northern Bight
6441 Drodge, William F. Hillview, Random
6442 Drover, Geo. Hodge’s Cove
6443 Drover, Albert Hodge’s Cove
6444 Drover, Jas. Hodge’s Cove
6449 Drudge, Albert S.W. Arm
6450 Drudge, Ali Long Beach
6460 Gardner, Robt. Hodge’s Cove
6469 Goodyear, Eleazer Long Beach
6470 Green, Leander St. Jones Lookout
6474 Greene, Solomon South West Arm
6475 Greene, Lewis St. Jones Lookout
6476 Greene, Eldred St. Jones Within
6477 Greene, Mark St. Jones Without
6481 Greene, Jethro St. Jones Without
6482 Greene, Peter Spurrell St. Jones Lookout
6498 Hiscock, Jas. Hodge’s Cove
6515 Ivany, Levi Southporte
6527 King, Francis E. St. Jones Without
6530 Langdon, Jas. T. Hodge’s Cove
6532 Lambert, Eucleus South Port
6542 Martin, Jos. Heart’s Ease
6544 Martin, Saml. S. St. Jones Without
6568 Peddle, Alex Hodge’s Cove
6570 Peddle, Harvey Hodge’s Cove
6571 Peddle, Andrew E. Hodge’s Cove
6572 Peddle, Archer Hodge’s Cove
6573 Peddle, Kenneth M. Hodge’s Cove
6574 Peddle, W.J. Hodge’s Cove
6575 Peddle, Alex Hodge’s Cove
6576 Peddle, William Hodge’s Cove
6596 Pond, Thos. St. Jones Within
6615 Robbins, Benoi S.W. Arm, Random
6624 Seward, Patk. Heart’s Ease
6629 Smith, John T. Southport
6634 Smith, Isaac Island Cove
6635 Smith, Geo. Island Cove
6638 Smith, Isaac Gooseberry Cove
6639 Smith, Isaac Island Cove
6640 Smith, Benj. Gooseberry Cove
6642 Smith, Stewart South West Arm
6643 Smith, Jos. E. Southport
6644 Smith, Levi Hillview
6645 Smith, Timothy Southport
6646 Smith, Leander St. Jones. Without
6647 Smith, Benjamin Gooseberry Cove
6648 Smith, Edgar H. South West Arm
6651 Smith, John C. Heart’s Ease
6652 Smith, Uriah Heart’s Ease
6653 Smith, William Random

Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, March 2015

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.