Voters List 1957 Ivany’s Cove, North West Brook, Black Brook, Northern Bight

Rural Preliminary List of Electors
Electoral District of Trinity – Conception
Rural Polling Division No. 53
Comprising: Bounded on the south by Queen’s Cove on the north by Hillview
on the east by Goobie’s on the west by the railway track.

6 May 1957

1 COOPER Samuel Labourer
2 COOPER Mrs. Sarah Housewife
3 AVERY William Labourer
4 AVERY Mrs. Jamina Housewife
5 BURT Neil Logger
6 BURT Mrs. Florence Housewife
7 BAILEY Baxter Logger
8 BAILEY Mrs. Elizabeth Housewife
9 BAILEY Albert Logger
10 BAILEY Mrs. Eva Housewife
11 BAILEY Jacob Logger
12 BAILEY Miss Vine Housemaid
13 HISCOCK Jacob J. Logger
14 SOPER John Logger
15 SOPER Mrs. Jean Housewife
16 SOPER George Logger
17 SOPER Mrs. Bessie Housewife
18 PARSONS George Pensioner
19 SOPER Edward, Jr. Logger
20 SOPER Mrs. Margaret Housewife
21 SOPER Isaac John Pensioner
22 SOPER Henry Truck driver
23 SOPER Isaac, Jr. Labourer
24 SOPER Mrs. Mary Ann Housewife
25 SOPER Reuben Logger
26 SOPER Mrs. Mary Jane Housewife
27 SOPER Leonard Logger
28 SOPER Edward J., Sr. General Merchant
29 SOPER Mrs. Beatrice Housewife
30 BURSEY Reuben Labourer
31 BURSEY Mrs. Eliza Housewife
32 BURSEY William Truck driver
33 BURSEY Miss Drucilla House maid
34 BURSEY Moses Logger
35 BURSEY Mrs. Mary Housewife
36 BUTT Andrew General merchant
37 BURSEY Joseph Pensioner
38 BURSEY Mrs. Sarah Jane Housewife
39 BURSEY Lawrence Labourer
40 BURSEY Edgar Labourer
41 BURSEY Mrs. Albina Housewife
42 WARREN Nathaniel Section man
43 WARREN Mrs. Sarah May Housewife
44 SNELGROVE Hannah Pensioner
45 WARREN Josiah Section man
46 WARREN Mrs. Florence Housewife
47 BALSAM Donald Logger
48 BALSAM Mrs. Annie Housewife
49 BROWN Samuel Section man
50 BROWN Mrs. Lydia Housewife
51 SNELGROVE Amos Labourer
52 SNELGROVE Mrs. Patsy Postmistress
53 CRAMM Joseph G. Logger
54 CRAMM Mrs. Caroline Housewife
55 KEATS Donald Logger
56 KEATS Mrs. Maude Housewife
57 VIVIAN Jacob Logger
58 VIVIAN Mrs. Edith Housewife
59 VIVIAN Bramfield Ex-patient
60 VIVIAN Mrs. Blanche Housewife
61 VIVIAN James Section man
62 VIVIAN Mrs. Sarah Ann Housewife
63 VIVIAN John Fire patrolling
64 VIVIAN Mrs. Alice Housewife
65 VIVIAN Ross Logger
66 VIVIAN Mrs. Edith Housewife
67 HISCOCK Julia J. Pensioner
68 BAKER Samuel Logger
69 BAKER Mrs. Ruby Housewife
70 WHALEN Frank Logger
71 WHALEN Mrs. Mildred Housewife
72 VIVIAN Eliazer Pensioner
73 SMITH William Pensioner
74 SMITH Mrs. Sarah Housewife
75 SMITH Jacob Labourer
76 BAKER Henrietta Pensioner
77 NORRIS Frank Pensioner
78 NORRIS Mrs. Jemima Housewife
79 BAKER Arthur Bulldozer operator
80 BAKER Mrs. Lydia Housewife
81 NORRIS John Logger
82 NORRIS Mrs. Lillian Housewife
83 NORRIS William Bulldozer operator
84 NORRIS Mrs. Edna Housewife
85 NORRIS Lionel Logger
86 NORRIS Mrs. Mary Housewife
87 BUTT Vallance Electric welder
88 BUTT Eldred Truck driver
89 BUTT Mrs. Doris Housewife
90 BUTT John Labourer
91 BUTT Mrs. Annie Housewife
92 BUTT Claude Truck driver
93 BRANTON Newman Section foreman
94 BRANTON Mrs. Elizabeth Housewife
95 BRANTON William Section man
96 BRANTON Roland Section man
97 BRANTON Wilson Labourer
98 ROBSON Mrs. Frances Housewife, Black Brook
99 STOYLES James Thomas Railway agent
100 STOYLES Mrs. Blanche Housewife
101 STOYLES Alfred Railway agent
102 STOYLES Mrs. Viola Housewife
103 STOYLES Ray Fireman
104 AVERY Sarah Pensioner, North West Brook
105 AVERY Newman J. Pensioner, North West Brook


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, July 2015

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.