Voters List 1962 – Hillview and Dark Hole

Rural Preliminary List of Electors
Electoral District of Trinity – Conception
Rural Polling Division No. 50
Comprising: Hillview and Dark Hole

10 May 1962


1 AVERY Abraham Retired Hillview
2 AVERY Phoebe Housewife Hillview
3 AVERY Donald Mail man Hillview
4 AVERY Nicholas Cook Hillview
5 AVERY Doreen Post mistress Hillview
6 AVERY Louise Widow Hillview
7 AVERY Marion Housekeeper Hillview
8 AVERY Mildred Hillview
9 ABBOTT Norman Minister Hillview
10 ABBOTT Alice Housewife Hillview
11 BAKER Alex Carpenter Hillview
12 BAKER Allan Jr. Mechanic Hillview
13 BAKER Eloil Retired Dark Hole
14 BAKER Eliza Dark Hole
15 BAKER Pearl Hillview
16 BENSON David Millman Hillview
17 BENSON Edith Hillview
18 BENSON Thomas Road worker Hillview
19 BENSON Violet Housewife Hillview
20 CRITCH James Labourer Hillview
21 CRITCH Dorothy Hillview
22 CRITCH Benjamin Logger Hillview
23 CRITCH Juanita Hillview
24 CRITCH George Hillview
25 CRITCH Alice Housewife Hillview
26 CRITCH Luke Labourer Hillview
27 CRITCH Irene Hillview
28 CRITCH Roy Labourer Hillview
29 CHURCHILL Alex Carpenter Hillview
30 CHURCHILL Jane Housewife Hillview
31 CHURCHILL James Retired Hillview
32 CHURCHILL Maggie Housewife Hillview
33 CHURCHILL Woodrow Logger Hillview
34 CHURCHILL Janet Hillview
35 CHURCHILL Harvey Labourer Hillview
36 CHURCHILL Jessie Hillview
37 CHURCHILL William Carpenter Hillview
38 CHURCHILL Lydia Hillview
39 CHURCHILL Kenneth Lumberman Hillview
40 CHURCHILL Margaret Hillview
41 CHURCHILL Uriah Retired Hillview
42 CHURCHILL Annie Housewife Hillview
43 CHURCHILL Malcolm Railroader Hillview
44 COOPER George Retired Hillview
45 CHURCHILL Arthur Carpenter Hillview
46 CHURCHILL Bertha Housewife Hillview
47 COOPER Ralph Labourer Hillview
48 CRITCH Elva Hillview
49 EDDY Charles Engineer Hillview
50 EDDY Julia Housewife Hillview
51 FROST W.J. General merchant Hillview
52 FROST W.W. Retired Hillview
53 FROST Phoebe Hillview
54 FROST Levi Labourer Hillview
55 FROST Clayton Taxi man Hillview
56 FROST Joyce Housewife Hillview
57 FROST Ernest Taximan Hillview
58 FROST Vida Housewife Hillview
59 FROST Mary Shop keeper Hillview
60 FROST Raymond H.E. Operator Hillview
61 FROST Marie Housewife Hillview
62 HOUSE Eleazer Logger Hillview
63 HOUSE Flora Housewife Hillview
64 LAMBERT Edmund Mill man Hillview
65 LAMBERT Florence Shopkeeper Hillview
66 LODER Mary Widow Hillview
67 LODER Kenneth Hillview
68 LODER Eugene Hillview
69 LODER Eric Lumberman Hillview
70 LODER Gordon Logger Hillview
71 LODER Alma Housewife Hillview
72 LODER Wilfred Logger Hillview
73 LODER Bertha Widow Hillview
74 MARCH Silvanus Carpenter Hillview
75 MARCH Minnie B. Hillview
76 MARCH John Fisherman Hillview
77 MARCH Edna Housewife Hillview
78 MARCH Maggie Jane Widow Hillview
79 MARCH Eli W. Labourer Hillview
80 MARCH Leslie Logger Hillview
81 MARCH Absolem Railroader Hillview
82 MARCH Minnie Sr. Gentleman Hillview
83 MARCH Avalon Gentleman Hillview
84 MARCH Ivy Hillview
85 MARCH George Gentleman Hillview
86 MARCH Nelson Gentleman Hillview
87 MARTIN Willis Carpenter Hillview
88 MARTIN Margaret Dressmaker Hillview
89 PARSONS Frederick Carpenter Hillview
90 PARSONS Lillian Hillview
91 PRICE Moses Logger Hillview
92 PRICE Effie Hillview
93 PRICE John Logger Hillview
94 PRICE Naomi Widow Hillview
95 PRICE Charles Logger Hillview
96 SMITH Benjamin Labourer Hillview
97 SMITH Eliza Jane Hillview
98 SMITH George Hillview
99 SMITH James Teacher Hillview
100 STANSFORD Leah Widow Hillview
101 STOYLES Alfred Hillview
102 STOYLES Lydia Hillview
103 STOYLES David, Sr. Retired Hillview
104 STOYLES Edmund Carpenter Hillview
105 STOYLES Edward Retired Hillview
106 STOYLES Violet, Sr. Hillview
107 STOYLES Rita Hillview
108 STOYLES Olen Labourer Hillview
109 STOYLES Dorothy Housewife Hillview
110 STOYLES Alwin Logger Hillview
111 STOYLES Albert G. Labourer Hillview
112 STOYLES Meter Shopkeeper Hillview
113 STOYLES Frances Logger Hillview
114 STOYLES Nita Housewife Hillview
115 SHEPPARD Arthur Retired Hillview
116 STOYLES William Carpenter Hillview
117 STOYLES Beatrice Hillview
118 STOYLES Maxwell Logger Hillview
119 STOYLES Wilbert Logger Hillview
120 STOYLES Violet, Jr Hillview
121 VEY Kenneth Fish warden Hillview
122 VEY Mildred Clerk Hillview
123 VEY Alfred J. Fire patrol Hillview
124 VEY Clares Housewife Hillview
125 VEY Lester Hillview
126 VEY Everett Labourer Hillview
127 VEY Norma Hillview


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, October 2016

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