Voters List – 1852

District of Trinity Bay

A list of persons entitled to vote in the election of a member for the district of Trinity Bay in respect of dwelling houses situated in the respective diversions of the said district.

No. Christian name and surname of each voter Place of abode and qualifications Street name or local description.
Hearts Ease
417 AVERY James Owner  (boat) Fox Harbour
418 BAKER James Owner Fox Harbour
419 BAKER Robert, Sr. (? 7 family) Fox Harbour
420 BAKER Thomas (well off) Fox Harbour
421 BAKER John Owner (punt, 5 in family) Son of Jim
422 BURRAGE Richard Owner (no punt …) Fox Harbour
423 DEAN James Owner (punt, large family) Fox Harbour
424 ELSWORTH Thomas Owner Fox Harbour
425 FARRELL John Owner (left) Long Island
426 GEORGE Thomas Owner (not well off, 3 in family) Long Island
427 LAMBERT John Owner (no craft) Fox Harbour
428 MARTIN Joseph Owner (no craft, 3 in family) Fox Harbour
429 PELLY Thomas Owner (left, well off) Hearts Ease or Fox Harbour
430 PITCHER Charles Owner (no boat) Hearts Ease
431 SEWARD Robert Owner (well off, boat) Gooseberry Cove
432 SEWARD Solomon Owner (well off, boat) Gooseberry Cove
SEWARD Richard
433 SEWARD Mark Owner (5 in family eldest female) Gooseberry Cove
SMITH George
434 SPURRELL Moses Owner (well off, boat) Butter Cove
435 SMITH Thomas Owner (6 in family) Late of Chance Cove
436 SMITH Benjamin Owner (large family) Late of Chance Cove
437 WELLS William Owner (well off) Fox Harbour
438 WHITE Philip Fox Harbour

Note: Names without numbers were written in later. Items in brackets were also written in later.

Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, March 2015

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.