Voters List – 1869

District of Trinity Bay

A list of persons entitled to vote in the election of a member for the district of Trinity Bay in respect of dwelling houses situated in the respective diversions of the said district.

No. Christian name and surname of each voter Place of abode and qualifications Street name or local description.
533 BAKER George Hearts Ease
534 BAKER Hearts Ease
535 BAKER Robert Hearts Ease
536 BAKER William Hearts Ease
537 BAKER Elias Hearts Ease
538 BALSEN Robert Hearts Ease
539 BAKER John Hearts Ease
540 BALSON George SW Random
541 BALSON John SW Random
542 BENSON Isaac SW Random
543 BAKER John SW Random
544 BLUNDEN William SW Random
545 BLUNDEN Esakiah SW Random
546 BROWN John SW Random
547 BROWN James SW Random
548 BENSON David SW Random
549 BRYANT Charles NW Random
560 BLUNDEN Alephia NW Random
561 BLUNDEN Esakiah NW Random
562 BLUNDEN Alfred NW Random
563 BENSON Levi NW Random
564 COOPER William, Sr. Chapel Arm
565 COOPER William, Jr. Chapel Arm
566 CLINCH Charles NW Random
567 COOPER John NW Random
568 DODGE Robert Hearts Ease
569 DODGE John Hearts Ease
570 DODGE Robert, Jr. Hearts Ease
571 DODGE Joseph Hearts Ease
572 DEAN William Fox Harbour
573 DRODGE Solomon SW Random
574 DRODGE George SW Random
575 DROVER James, Sr. SW Random
576 DROVER James, Jr. SW Random
577 BAKER Henry SW Random
578 BALSOM John NW Random
579 Crossed out
580 COOPER John NW Random
581 COOPER William NW Random
582 COOPER Phones NW Random
583 COOPER Alpeth NW Random
584 CROCKER George NW Random
585 EDDY Henry NW Random
586 EVERY (Avery) Elias SW Random
587 EVERY Mark Fox Harbour (should read Ivany – definite)
588 EVERY James, Sr Fox Harbour (Avery)
589 EVERY James, jr Fox Harbour (Avery)
590 EVERY Thomas Fox Harbour (Avery)
591 FARREL Martin Hearts Ease
592 FROST James SW Random
593 FROST Newman SW Random
594 GOOBERY Richard SW Random
595 FARREL James SW Random
596 GREEN Levi St. Jones
597 GREEN John St. Jones
598 HERREL John NW Random
599 HISCOCK Henry SW Random
600 HISCOCK Martin SW Random
601 HUTCHINGS Solomen Chance Cove
602 JACOB Thomas SW Random
603 JACOB John SW Random
604 KING Simeon SW Random
605 KING Edward SW Random
606 KING Richard Little Harbour
607 LANGER James Hearts Ease
608 LAMBERT John Fox Harbour
609 LENCH John Tickle Harbour
610 LENCH James Tickle Harbour
611 MARTIN John SW Random
612 MARTIN Henry SW Random
613 MARTIN John Jr. SW Random
614 MARTIN Matthias SW Random
615 MARTIN Eli SW Random
616 MARTIN Benjamin NW Random
617 MCCARTHY Owen Tickle Harbour
618 MARTIN Joseph Fox Harbour
619 MILLER Thomas (pauper) Hearts Ease or Foster’s Point, NW Random (was he the father of Priscilla Miller who married Robert Baker of Hearts Ease?)
620 HUSSON Isaac SW Random
621 KING Philip
622 MURPHY John Tickle Harbour
623 NOSEWORTHY John NW Random
624 NOSEWORTHY Stephen Rentom
625 POWER Edward Chapel Arm
626 POWER Edward, Jr. Chapel Arm
627 PIERCEY John Chapel Arm
628 PIERCEY Benjm Chapel Arm
629 PIKE Richard Tickle Harbour
630 PIKE John Tickle Harbour
631 PIDDLE George Chance Cove
632 PIDDLE George, JR Chance Cove
633 PIDDLE John Chance Cove
634 PIDDLE Robert Renton
635 POND James Fox Harbour
636 POND William Fox Harbour
637 POND Robert Fox Harbour
638 PITCHER Charles Hearts Ease
639 PITCHER John SW Random
640 PIDDLE Caleb SW Random
641 PARSONS Samuel SW Random
642 PARSONS Thomas SW Random
643 PARSONS Henry SW Random
644 REED William Chapel Arm
645 REED Jacob Chapel Arm
646 REED Stephen Chapel Arm
647 REED Soloman Chapel Arm
648 ROWE Benjamin Chance Cove
649 REID Richard NW Random
650 REID Charles NW Random
651 REID George NW Random
652 REID James NW Random
653 SHAW George SW Random
654 SHAW John SW Random
655 STRINGER James SW Random
656 SMITH Abraham SW Random
657 STOYLES John SW Random
658 NEWHOOK George
659 NEWHOOK Charles
660 NEWHOOK James
661 NORRIS William
662 PETTY Eli Chapel Arm
663 POWER John Chapel Arm
664 PENSON James Chapel Arm
665 PIERCEY William Chapel Arm
666 PIERCEY William Bay Bulls
667 PALMER David SW Random
668 PELLY Job NW Random
669 RYAN John SW Random
670 STOYLES James SW Random
671 STOYLES Alfred SW Random
672 SANSFORD Charles, Sr NW Random
673 SANSFORD Charles, JR NW Random
674 SHORT Samuel NW Random
675 SMITH Thomas NW Random
676 SMITH William NW Random
677 SMITH Moses NW Random
678 SUMMERS James NW Random
679 SNOW Benjamin NW Random
680 SMITH George Chapel Arm
681 SMITH John Chapel Arm
682 SMITH Robert Chapel Arm
683 SMITH John Chapel Arm
684 SMITH Moses Chance Cove
685 SMITH Stephen Chance Cove
686 SMITH Manuel Chance Cove
687 SMITH Abraham Chance Cove
688 SMITH James Chance Cove
689 SMITH Jacob (Dead) Chance Cove
690 SMITH Thomas Chance Cove
691 SMITH Nathanal Chance Cove
692 SMITH William, Sr. Chance Cove
693 SMITH William, Jr. Chance Cove
694 SNOOK James Bay Bulls Arm
695 SNOOK Joseph Bay Bulls Arm
696 SEWARD Richard ? Tickle
697 SMITH Thomas Fox Harbour
698 SPURREL Uriah Hearts Ease
699 SPURREL Moses Hearts Ease
700 SPURREL David Hearts Ease
701 SPURREL Abraham Hearts Ease
702 SEWARD Peter Hearts Ease
703 S? Benjamin NW Random
704 SEWARD MARK Hearts Ease
705 SEWARD Richard Hearts Ease
706 SEWARD SOLOMON Hearts Ease
707 SMITH Benjamin Hearts Ease
708 SEWARD Joseph Hearts Ease
709 SEWARD Richard Hearts Ease
710 TEMPLE Martin Chapel Arm
711 TEMPLE William Chapel Arm
712 THORNE John Chapel Arm
713 THORNE Richard Colyers
714 LILLY Joseph NW Random
715 LILLY John NW Random
716 LILLY Aaron NW Random
717 THISTLE Samuel NW Random
718 WARREN Ambrose Chapel Arm
719 WARREN Benjamin Chapel Arm
720 WHITE Caleb Chapel Arm
721 WHITE Charles Chapel Arm
722 WHITE Frederick Chapel Arm
723 WELCH Michael Chapel Arm
724 WHITE William Fox Harbour
725 WELLS William Fox Harbour
726 WHEALEN Edward SW Random
727 WARFER George SW Random
728 VARDY George Clay Pitts
729 VEY James SW Random
730 WHITE Jonathan Chapel Arm
731 SEWARD Richard

Note: Items in brackets were written in later.

Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, March 2015

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.