Voters List 1873

District of Trinity Bay

December 31, 1873 – List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of members for the District of Trinity Bay in respect of dwelling houses situated in the respective divisions of the said district.

Hearts Ease and Random Section

Christian Names and Surnames of each voter Place of Abode and Qualifications
Avery Elias Long Beach Owner
Avery Thomas Fox Harbor Owner
Avery James Fox Harbor Owner
Avery Joseph Fox Harbor Owner
Avery Hezekiah Fox Harbor Owner
Baker Robert Hearts Ease Owner
Baker Jacob Hearts Ease Owner
Baker Henry Hearts Ease Owner
Baker George Hearts Ease Owner
Baker William Hearts Ease Owner
Baker Elias Butter Cove Owner
Balsom Robert Gooseberry Cove Owner
Baker John Hodges Harbor Owner
Blundon William St. Jones’s Owner – Saw Mill
Benson Hezekiah St. Jones’s Owner
Brown John Hatchet Cove Owner
Brown James Hatchet Cove Owner
Barfoot George Long Beach Owner
Benson David North Bight Owner
Benson Edward North Bight Owner
Benson Samuel North Bight Owner
Bryant Charles Coney Island Owner – Slate Quarry
Benson Levi Richmans Harbor Owner
Benson Isaac Clay Pits Owner
Blundon Hezekiah Richmans Harbor Owner – Saw Mill
Blundon Alfred Richmans Harbor Owner
Critch John Richmans Harbor Owner
Critch George Richmans Harbor Owner
Clinch Charles Richmans Harbor Owner
Dodge John Hearts Ease Owner
Dodge Joseph Hearts Ease Owner
Dodge Eli Hearts Ease Owner
Dodge Robert Jw Hearts Ease Owner
Drover James Sen Hodges Harbor Owner
Drover James Junr Hodges Harbor Owner
Dean William Fox Harbor Owner
Dean Charles Fox Harbor Owner
Drodge George Little Hearts Ease
Drodge Soloman Little Hearts Ease Owner
Drodge Josiah Caplin Cove Owner
Frost James Senr North Bight Owner – Saw Mill
Frost Nehemiah North Bight Owner
Frost Hannibal North Bight Owner
Garland Edward St. Jones’s Owner
Gooby Richard Little Hearts Ease Owner
Gooby William Richmans Harbor Owner
Hiscock Matthew Richmans Harbor Owner
Hiscock Henry Hodges Hole Owner
Hiscock Thomas Butter Cove Owner
Ivany Mark Fox Harbor Owner
Jacobs John Little Hearts Ease Owner
Jacobs Thomas Little Hearts Ease Owner
King Simeon St. Jones’s Owner
King Edward St. Jones’s Owner
Lambert Henry Fox Harbor Owner
Loder Richard North Bight Owner
Langer James Gooseberry Cove Owner
Manuel Moses Georges Cove Owner
Martin Matthias North Bight Owner
Martin Benjamin Hickman’s Harbor Owner
Martin Eli Hickman’s Harbor Owner
Martin Joseph Fox Harbor Owner
Martin Henry Little Hearts Ease Owner
Martin John Little Hearts Ease Owner
Seward Peter Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Robert Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Richard Jr Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Joseph Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward William Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Richard Sr Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Soloman Gooseberry Cove Owner
Seward Patrick Gooseberry Cove Owner
Smith Benjamin Gooseberry Cove Owner
Spurrel David Butter Cove Owner
Spurrel Urias Butter Cove Owner
Spurrel Abram Butter Cove Owner
Spurrel Joseph Butter Cove Owner
Styles John Sr North Bight Owner
Styles James North Bight Owner
Styles John Jr North Bight Owner
Smith Timothy Fox Harbor Owner
Smith Abraham Hodges Harbor Owner
Shaw John Clay Pits Owner
Shaw George Clay Pits Owner
Shaw Stephen Clay Pits Owner
Stringer James Little Hearts Ease Owner
Stringer John Caplin Cove Owner
Smith Stephen Hodges Harbor Owner
Thistle Samuel Richmans Harbor Owner
Martin Eli Little Hearts Ease Owner
Martin Samuel Little Hearts Ease Owner
Noseworthy John (written in pencil) Upper Shoal Harbour (written in pencil) No such person in this section (in pencil)
Norris Wiliam Little Hearts Ease Owner
Phelan Edward Caplin Cove Owner
Pitcher John Hearts Ease Owner
Peddle Caleb Hodges Harbor Owner
Peddle John Hodges Harbor Owner
Parsons Samuel Hatchet Cove Owner
Parsons Henry Hatchet Cove Owner
Parsons John Hatchet Cove Owner
Parsons Thomas Hatchet Cove Owner
Pond James Fox Harbor Owner
Pond William Fox Harbor Owner
Peddle Samuel Little Hearts Ease Owner
Price Benjamin Long Cove Owner
Price Jeremiah Long Cove Owner
Robins Eliab St. Jones’s Owner
Vize [Vey] John Long Beach Owner – Saw Mill
Vardy George Clay Pits Owner – Teacher
Vardy James Rickmans Harbor Owner – Saw Mill
White Philip Fox Harbor Owner

Note: Names are given as they were recorded in the ledger. Any corrections are noted in the square brackets.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, September 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.