Will of John Vey

From Newfoundland will books volume 10 page 489 probate year 1917

In re
      JOHN VEY deceased.

The last will and testament of John Vey.

John Vey Testator of Southport, Random, T.B. Nfld. declare this to be my last will and testament.
1. I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Ann Vey all the business property situate at Southport, and after her decease to be left to my grandson John Vey.
2. I give and bequeath to my son George at Long Beach all the Land House and Fishing property situate there to be his and his heirs forever.    If my daughter Susannah Collins returns from the United States and wishes to live on part of the land I leave it to my son George to dispose of this property as he wishes
3. The amount of my savings deposited in the Bank of Montreal and in Bowrings Bros. Steamship Co. will be under the control of my wife    This money is not to be withdrawn to deposit into any business transaction but to be left there for use in case of real need for my wife or my son George and his Family
4 I desire that my wife before her decease should divide a portion the remainder of my savings mentioned in section 3 equally among my son George’s children
5. I desire that my wife at her decease should leave $100 to my daughter Susannah Collins.
6. I give to my grandson Eric my watch & chain

I name Samuel Lambert and John Balson to be the executors of my will.

John Vey     (testator) Witness to signature W.A. Butler.    
Henry his X mark Lambert    John his X mark Balson, Executors
Dated at Southport, June 19th 1916.

Charles H. Emerson
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin of this will)
Nov 5/16
Feb 1/17
to John Balson
the other exec
having duly
sworn at
$2, 332.26
To the honourable the Supreme Court of Newfoundland or one of the Honourable the Judges thereof:

The Petition of John Balsom and Samuel Lambert both of Southport in the Electoral District of Trinity, Newfoundland, fishermen; HUMBLY SHEWETH AS FOLLOWS:

  1. John Vey late of Southport aforesaid, planter, died at that place on or about the Third day of September 1916.
  2. The said deceased left him surviving, his wife Mary Ann Vey of Southport and a son George Vey of Long Beach in the said District, planter.
  3. The said decreased left a will hereto annexed marked “A” in and by which your petitioners were appointed executors.
  4. The said deceased left property within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of the probable value of about $2332.86 whereof a full and true inventory is hereto annexed marked “B”.
  5. With regard to the business property situate at Southport referred to in paragraph One of the said will, your Petitioner John Balson hereby states that the said property at Southport is to his knowledge the separate property of the widow Mary Ann Vey and was purchased by her in the year 1911 from one Sophia Adey out of her own monies acquired by a separate trading business which she has carried on independently since the year 1895; and your petitioner John Balson was a witness to the sale of the said property by the said Sophia Adey to Mary Ann Vey and knows the facts above stated; and therefore the said property is not included in the inventory of the property of the late John Vey hereto annexed.
  6. No probate of any last will nor administration of the estate of the said deceased has been granted to or applied for by any other person.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that Letters of Probate of the said will may be granted to them.

And as in duty bound they will ever pray.

Dated the sixth day of November 1916.

Morris & Dunfield
Solicitors for Petitioner.